Whirlpool 1188694 Manual and Troubleshooting

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If you have experience problems with Whirlpool 1188694, so you can read the manual or user guide. The manual provide important information especially about troubleshooting.

Whirlpool 1188694 Troubleshooting include:
Air purifier will not run. Check the following:
  • Is the air purifier turned on?
  • Is the power cord plugged into a grounded 3 prong outlet?
  • Has a fuse blown, or has a circuit breaker tripped?
  • Was a regular fuse used? Use a time-delay fuse or time-delay circuit breaker.
The Whirlpool 1188694 user manual is consist of 12 pages with file size of 441 KB. It's available in english and spanish language.

The following cleaning instructions:
Whirlpool 1188694
A. Release tabs B. HEPA filter
C. Bottom slot
D. Pre-filter
E. Front grille
  1. Turn the fan speed knob to Off.
  2. Unplug air purifier or disconnect power.
  3. Place fingers on the front release tabs. Gently push the tabs in and pull the front grille forward to remove it.
  4. Remove both filters and set aside. Do not try to wash and reuse either the HEPA filter or the pre-filter.
  5. Clean the air purifier with a soft, damp cloth
  6. Gently wash the front grille in soapy water. NOTE: The grille is not dishwasher safe.
  7. Reassemble the filters as shown in the previous illustration.
  8. Place the bottom tabs on the front grille into the slots in the base of the air purifier. Push the top of the grille forward until the grille locks into place.
  9. Plug in air purifier or reconnect power.
  10. Turn the fan speed knob to the desired fan speed
Download here: Whirlpool 1188694 Owner's Manual & Troubleshooting (PDF)

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