Netgear CM2040 Manual PDF Download (English)

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The Netgear CM2040 manual aka ser uguide is available nowe. This manual consisting of 41 pages with file size of 2.13 MB. It's support for english language. It's devided into 5 section with appendix.
Netgear CM2040 Manual
In the Netgear CM2040 user manual you can find reference information for example about VueZone System, using camera, setup your vuezone system, install camera batteries, install the cameras, settings, camera tab views, record video, taka a snapshot, expand video to full screen, etc.

Then about tutorial lock or unlock a recording or snapshot, upload video to youtube oe snapshot to flickr, personal settings, recording format, sharing, software update, preferences and more.

Table of content for Netgear CM2040 manual as follows:

  • Chapter 1 Getting Started
  • Chapter 2 Quick Tour of
  • Chapter 3 Camaeras Tab
  • Chapter 4 Library Tab
  • Chapter 5 Settings Tab
  • Appendix A Notifiction of Compliance

Download here: Netgear CM2040 Manual / User Guide (PDF)

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