LG A390 Manual Free PDF

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The LG A390 manual is available online. It's available in pdf format. It's also support in english, francais and portuges language. You can download this manual for free.

LG A390 Main Specs and Features:

  • GSM Network
  • 416 MHz Processor
  • 114.4 x 51.8 x 13.2 mm
  • 2.2 inches
  • 1.3 MP Camera
  • 40 MB Internal memory
  • microSD, up to 16 GB
  • Mediatek MT6255 Chipset
  • WAP 2.0/xHTML
  • Li-Ion 1700 mAh battery
LG A390
The LG A390 user manual consist of 154 pages. The manual contains reference information such as Installing the SIM Card on page 7, Turning Your Phone On and Off on page 10, Lock/Unlock Your Keypad and Making a call. Then about Changing the call settings, Using the speakerphone, using contacts, Setting up your e-mail, Taking a quick photo, Listening to the radio, and Setting your alarm.

Then about Accessing the internet browser, Switching your SIM cards, Setting Phone Profile, Pairing with another Bluetooth device, Resetting your phone, Installing LG PC Suite on your
computer, Phone Software update, and troubleshooting.

LG A390 Troubleshooting (Page 44):
  • Telephone cannot be switched on
  • Battery empty
  • The battery doesn’t charge properly or the phone sometimes turns itself off
  • Usage time of battery becomes shorter
  • Charging error Temperature out of range
  • Charging error Wrong charger
  • Charging error Battery defective
  • Charging error No battery icon appears when charging
  • Forgot the phone code or password
  • Enter PUK
  • Loss of Network
  • You have entered a number but it was not dialed
  • Your correspondent cannot reach you
  • Your correspondent cannot hear you speaking
  • The voice quality of the call is poor
  • No number is dialed when you recall a contact
  • Cannot use the Browser
  • If the above guidelines do not help you to solve the problem

Table of content for LG A390 Owner Manual:
  • Getting to know your phone
  • Installing the SIM Card and Charging the Battery
  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • E-mail
  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Media Player
  • FM radio
  • Voice recorder
  • Applications
  • Organizer
  • Internet
  • Settings
  • Phone Software update
  • Guidelines for Safe and Efficient Use
  • Accessories
  • Technical Data
  • Troubleshooting
Download here: LG A390 Manual / User Guide (PDF)

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