Huawei MediaPad10 Link+ Manual, Restoring and Updating

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The Huawei MediaPad10 Link+ Manual or user guide has been published by Huawei manufacturers. This manual contains important information like restoring guide and updating tablet tutorial on page 32.

Huawei MediaPad10 Link+ Manual

The Huawei MediaPad10 Link+ is powered by Cortex-A9 Quad-core 1.6GHz processor. It has 10.1inch, Capacitive Touch (10-point) with a resolution of 1280×800 IPS. This tablet run on Android 4.2 operating system with Emotion UI 1.6 features. There is  1 GB LPDDR2 of RAM and 8/16GB internal memory.

Huawei MediaPad10 Link+
The Huawei MediaPad10 Link+ user manual is concicting of 40 pages. It's available in english and spanish language. The following table of content for this manual:
1 Welcome
2 Getting started
2 HUAWEI MediaPad 10 Link+ at a Glance
2 Installing the SIM and microSD Cards
3 Charging the Battery
4 Important information about the battery
5 Your home screen at a glance
5 Notification and status icons
6 Common keys
6 Shortcut operations
3 Text input
8 Editing Text
8 Selecting an input method
4 Network connection
9 Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
9 Connecting to a Wi-Fi network using WPS
9 Turning on your mobile data connection
5 Network sharing
11 Sharing your network using a Wi-Fi hotspot
11 Sharing your data connection through USB tethering
12 Sharing your data connection using Bluetooth tethering
6 Managing applications
13 Installing an application
13 Clearing the application cache
14 Uninstalling an application
7 Email
15 Adding an email account
15 Configuring an email account
15 Deleting an email account
8 Multimedia
17 Importing photos
18 Viewing photos or videos
18 Taking a panoramic photo
19 Editing a photo
19 Sharing photos or videos
9 Customized settings
20 Changing the theme
20 Adding widgets to the home screen
21 Managing your home screen
22 Setting the ringtone
22 Setting the font size
22 Adjusting the screen brightness
10 File sharing
23 Sharing files using Wi-Fi Direct
23 Sharing files using Bluetooth
24 Copying files from a computer
11 Contacts
25 Creating a contact
25 Synchronizing contacts
25 Importing contacts
26 Backing up contacts
26 Sharing contacts
12 Calls
27 Making an emergency call
27 Making a conference call
27 Adding an unknown number to your contacts
28 Clearing call logs
13 Messaging
29 Searching for a message
29 Customizing message settings
14 Settings
30 Setting the screen timeout period
30 Setting a screen lock
30  Adjusting the volume
30 Enabling power saving mode
30 Checking the memory status
31 Setting the date and time
31 Locking a microSD card
32 Formatting a microSD card
32 Restoring factory settings
32 Updating your HUAWEI MediaPad
15 Personal Information and Data Security
16 Legal Notice

Download the Huawei MediaPad10 Link+ Owner's Manual, Restoring and Updating tablet here (english) and here (Spanish)

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