Kicker PS4 Coaxial Speakers Manual

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The Kicker PS4 Coaxial Speakers has performance such as:
  • Woofer Size | in [mm] 4 [100]
  • Tweeter Size | in [mm] 3/4 [20]
  • Frequency Response | Hz 100–20,000
  • Max Recommended Amplifi er Power [Watts] | PEAK/RMS 100/50
  • Sensitivity [SPLo] | dB @ 1W, 1m 85.756
  • Nominal Impedance [Zn] | ohm 2 (40PS42), 4 (40PS44)
  • Weight | oz [g] 11.9 [338]
  • Mounting Hole Diameter | in [mm] 3 5/8 [93]
  • Mounting Depth | in [mm] 1 11/16 [43]
  • Top Mount Height | in [mm] 3/4 [19]
Kicker PS4 Coaxial Speakers Manual

For installation guide you can read in the Kicker PS4 Coaxial Speakers Manual on page 2 or you can read below:
1. Remove your bike’s instrument panel per manufacturer’s service manual.

2. Remove factory speakers.
Remove the screws securing the factory speakers.
Remove the speaker connectors while removing the factory speaker.

 Remove factory speakers

3. Install PS4 in factory location.
Connect the factory speaker connectors to the PS4 terminals. Mount the PS4 to the desired location and secure using the 25mm screws and nuts. Use the adapter plate if  you’re installing the PS4 in place of a 5”\ speaker. Re-install your bike’s access panel in the reverse order you disassembled it.

Install PS4 in factory location.
Downlod the manual in pdf format here (english, EspaƱol, Deutsche and Francaise)

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