Fujifilm Finefix 2300 Manual and Troubleshooting

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There is important information in the Fujifilm Finefix 2300 Manual. For example about learn to using basic camera setting, photography tutorial and troubleshooting. The Fujifilm Finefix 2300 comes with main specs and features such as 1.6-inch LCD Monitor, 1/2.7-inch square pixel CCD, SmartMedia (3.3V), 64 zones TTL metering, Auto flash using flash control sensor, and measuring 110✕ 77✕ 39mm.

Fujifilm Finefix 2300 Manual

The Fujifilm Finefix 2300 User Manual consist of 78 pages. It's available in english language. It' sdevided into 5 section. The owner's guide provide detail reference information such as Selecting the Language, Attaching the Strap, Using Batteries, Using the AC Power Adapter, using smartmedia. Then about basic photography like taking pictures, playback zoom, erasing single frame, using menu settings, auto flash, formating, protecting, setup mode, Accessories Guide, safety, troubleshooting and more.

Table of content Fujifilm Finefix 2300 Owner's Manual:
  • Getting Ready
  • Basic Photography
  • Advanced Features Photography
  • Advanced Features Playback
  • Settings
  • System Expansion Options
  • Downloading Images to a
  • Personal Computer
  • Accessories Guide
  • Explanation of Terms
  • Notes on Using Your Camera Correctly
  • Notes on the Power Supply
  • Applicable Batteries
  • Notes on the Batteries
  • Notes on Using the AC Power Adapter
  • Notes on the SmartMedia
  • Warning Displays
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specifications
  • Safety Notes 
Fujifilm Finefix 2300 Troubleshooting (Page 72):
  • No power
  • Power cuts out during operation
  • Battery runs out quickly
  • No photograph is taken when the shutter button is pressed
  • I can’t use the flash to take pictures
  • The flash will not charge
  • The playback image is too dark even though I used the flash
  • The image is blurred.
  • I cannot format the smartmedia
  • I cannot erase all the frames
  • Nothing happens when I use the camera buttons and switches
  • No image appears when I press the, “DISP” button
Download Fujifilm Finefix 2300 Manual / User Guide and Troubleshooting here

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