ViewSonic VP2770-LED Manual and Troubleshooting

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If you are owner of the ViewSonic VP2770-LED and there is a problem with your monitor, please check through ViewSonic VP2770-LED Manual on page 18. Some problems in the manual, for example about power, colors and control buttons.
ViewSonic VP2770-LED Manual
ViewSonic VP2770-LED Troubleshooting
No power
  • Make sure power button (or switch) is ON.
  • Make sure A/C power cord is securely connected to the LCD display.
  • Plug another electrical device (like a radio) into the power outlet to verify that the outlet is supplying proper voltage.
Power is ON but no screen image
  • Make sure the video cable supplied with the LCD display is tightly secured to the video output port on the back of the computer. If the other end of the video cable is not attached permanently to the LCD display, tightly secure it to the LCD display.
  • Adjust brightness and contrast.
  • If you are using an Macintosh older than G3, you need a Macintosh adapter.
Wrong or abnormal colors
  • If any colors (red, green, or blue) are missing, check the video cable to make sure it is securely connected. Loose or broken pins in the cable connector could cause an improper connection.
  • Connect the LCD display to another computer.
  • If you have an older graphics card, contact ViewSonic® for a non-DDC adapter.
  • Control buttons do not work
  • Press only one button at a time.
Besides about troubleshooting, you also read about tutorial how to Cleaning the LCD Display on page 20.

Table of content for ViewSonic VP2770-LED User Manual: 
  • Contents
  • Compliance Information
  • Important Safety Instructions.
  • Declaration of RoHS Compliance
  • Copyright Information 
  • Product Registration
  • Getting Started
  • Package Contents 
  • Precautions 
  • Quick Installation 
  • Wall Mounting (Optional) 
  • Using the LCD Display
  • Setting the Timing Mode
  • OSD and Power Lock Settings
  • Adjusting the Screen Image 
  • Main Menu Controls 
  • Other Information
  • Specifications 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer Support 
  • Cleaning the LCD Display 
  • Limited Warranty 
  • Mexico Limited Warranty 
Download manual for free: ViewSonic VP2770-LED Manual

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