Sharp Projector PG-D2510X Manual And Setup Guide

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The Sharp Projector PG-D2510X Manual is available now. For owner of this projector, you can download the manual at Sharp official website. This manual comes in PDF format and available in english language. It's devied into 7 section with Appendix. In the manual contains many reference information especially about setup projector guide.

Sharp Projector PG-D2510X Manual Cover
Sharp Projector PG-D2510X Manual Cover
The Sharp PG-D2510X User Manual consist of 73 pages. The owner's manual provided detail reference information such as about projector Part Names and Functions, accessories, Setup and Projection, Setting Up the Projector, Connecting the Projector to Other Equipment like with a computer and the power cord. Then about learn basic operation for example how to Turning the Projector On/Off, Image Projection, Adjusting the Projected Image, Resize Mode, etc.

Further, in the Sharp Projector PG-D2510X user manual also discuss about how to Operating with the Remote Control, Using the Spot Function, Freezing a Moving Image, Using the Remote Control as the Wireless Computer Mouse, Using the Menu Screen, Picture Adjustment (“Picture” Menu), Signal Adjustment (“SIG-ADJ” Menu) like Setting the Video System, Setting the Video System and Checking the Input Signal. Other importnt informtion about Setting the FUNCTION Button Operation, DLP LinkTM Invert, System Lock Function, AUTO RESTART FUNCTIOM, Maintenance Indicators, Resetting the Lamp Timer, Troubleshooting, and more.

Sharp Projector PG-D2510X Troubleshooting (Page 68):
  • No picture and no sound or projector does not start.
  • Sound is heard but no picture appears (or picture is dark).
  • Color is faded or poor
  • Picture is blurred; noise appears.
  • Picture appears but no sound is heard
  • Data image is not centered.
  • An unusual sound is occasionally heard from the cabinet.
  • Maintenance indicator on the projector illuminates or blinks in red.
  • Picture is green on COMPUTER (YPbPr)
  • Picture is pink (no green) on COMPUTER (RGB)
  • Picture is too bright and whitish
  • The cooling fan becomes noisy.
  • The lamp does not light up even after the  projector turns on
  • The lamp suddenly turns off during projection
  • The image sometimes flickers
  • The lamp needs much time to turn on
  • Picture is dark.
  • The remote control cannot be used.
Table of content for Sharp Projector PG-D2510X Manual / User Guide:
  • Introduction
  • Easy Start
  • Setup
  • Connection
  • Basic Operation
  • Useful Features
  • Appendix
Download Sharp Projector PG-D2510X Manual, Setup Guide and Toubleshooting here

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