Acer Liquid S2 Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

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If you ever have problems with your smartphone, you can get information about the Acer Liquid S2 troubleshooting below or you can also read this information in the Acer Liquid S2 manual on page 56.

Acer Liquid S2 Display Screen
Acer Liquid S2 Display Screen
Acer Liquid S2 Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

AudioWhy is there no  sound coming from the device?
  • If the headset is plugged into the device,  the speaker is automatically shut off. 
  • Disconnect the headset.
  • Check that the device volume setting is not muted.
  • Check that the volume control is not at its lowest setting.
Multimedia files
  • Why can’t I view my video files?
  • Why can’t I play my music files?
You may be trying to view a video that is not supported. Refer to “Multimedia” on page 61
information and
How do I check the  OS version of my  device?You may be trying to play a file that is not supported. Refer to “Multimedia” on page 61.
PowerI can’t turn on the device.Tap Settings > About phone to check  the OS version (Build number) and other hardware and software information
RAM / ROMHow do I check the  RAM and ROM  memory status?The battery power may be depleted. Recharge the device. Refer to “Charging the battery” on page 7 for more information.
Internal storage My device’s available internal storage is full  or almost full.
  • To check the ROM status, tap Settings > Storage.
  • To check RAM status, tap Settings > Apps > RUNNING.
AppsAn app I’m using isn’t working correctly.You can restart (reboot) your phone if you find apps are not responding. See "Turning off your smartphone" on page
Malfunction My phone isn’t  responding to taps and/or is acting strangely.If the normal shutdown isn’t helping (see "Turning off your smartphone" on page 21), you can simulate a battery removal  (or "battery pull"). To do this, see "Forcing  phone shutdown" on page 21:
Unlock pattern I forgot my unlock pattern.
  • After a certain number of wrong entries, you will be presented with an option to reset your pattern. Tap Forgot pattern? and enter your Google account username and password.
  • Note: You must have an active Google account on the smartphone.
  • Alternatively, you restore your smartphone to factory settings. See "Restoring to factory settings" on page 54.
HeatThe phone heats up when charging or making long duration calls.
  • It is normal for the phone to heat up when charging. When charging is complete, it will return to its normal temperature.
  • It is also normal for the phone to heat up during long periods of use, such as watching a video or a long phone conversation.

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