Samsung Galaxy Light Manual PDF Download (9.3 MB)

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This review about Samsung Galaxy Light Manual in PDF format also download link information for you. For specs, features also price of this phone, you can read here. Ok, this manual available in english language with file size of 9.3 MB. It consist of 343 pages. It's devided into 12 section with index. This manual contains reference information such as restarting device, Locking and Unlocking the Device,Task Manager, learn phone layout with menu and key functions, using home screen, using menu navigation and Customizing the Screens.

 Samsung Galaxy Light Manual Cover
Samsung Galaxy Light Manual Cover
Then in this pdf user guide also provide detail information about making a call, Using the Samsung Keyboard, Using the Google Voice Typing, using contacts, using messages and settings, using email, Microsoft Exchange Email (Outlook), using the camera, using the camcoder, editing photo, and AllShare Cast Hub. Further about using application on page 134 like using chrome browser, dropbox, Google+. hangouts, isis wallet, media hub, mobil hhostspot, using playlist, playbooks, play magazines, play movies and TV, play store, s translator, samsung apps, T-Mobile TV, youtube, etc.

Read on page 200 about connections like using bluetooth, Paired Bluetooth Device, Activating Wi-Fi, USB Tethering, Mobile HotSpot. Other important information about settings guide like Wi-fi anf bluetooth settings, display and sound settings, power saving mode, Backup and Reset, Security, Software Update, safety and more.

Table of contents for Samsung Galaxy Light SGH-T399 User Guide Manual:

  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2: Understanding Your Device
  • Section 3: Call Functions and Contacts List
  • Section 4: Entering Text
  • Section 5: Contacts
  • Section 6: Messaging
  • Section 7: Multimedia
  • Section 8: Applications and Development
  • Section 9: Connections
  • Section 10: Changing Your Settings
  • Section 11: Health and Safety Information
  • Section 12: Warranty Information
  • Index
Download here: Samsung Galaxy Light / Samsung Garda (PDF)

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