ZTE Source N9511 Manual PDF Download (3.8 MB)

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The ZTE Source N9511 Manual or user guide is available for download in Doc or pdf format. It's available in english and spanish language. One of important information of this manual for example about how to Upgrading the Phone Software? There are several ways to upgrade your phone software:
  • Use the online upgrade tool for mobile terminal products. 
  • Use the one-press upgrade package offered by your mobile service provider. 
  • Use the upgrade package on your microSD card. 
ZTE Source N9511 Manual Cover
ZTE Source N9511 Manual Cover
Next tutorial, Visit the ZTE official handset service support website (http://www.ztedevice.com) and click your country or region to learn more about the above upgrade methods as well as which phones and methods are  supported. 

The ZTE Source N9511 user manual consist of 84 pages (3.8 MB). You can find other reference information such as about phone layout with key functions, Installing the UICC Card, microSD Card and Battery, Powering On/Off, Locking/Unlocking the Screen and Keys, Using the Touch Screen, Changing the System Language, Changing Ringtone and Notification Sounds, Applying New Wallpapers, protecting phone, Connecting to Mobile Networks, Connecting to Wi-Fi, Connecting to Bluetooth Devices, Connecting to Virtual Private Networks, make phone calls, using contacts, Setting Up the First Email Account, using messages, using Google talk, Using google+, using browser, maps, using camera, recording video, using apps like Chrome, file manager, notepad, play books, play magazines, play movies and TV, Google app, settings guide, safety and more.

Table of contents for ZTE Source User Guide / Manual:

  • About this manual
  • Getting started
  • Personalizing
  • Knowing the basics
  • Connecting to networks and devices
  • Phone calls
  • People
  • Accounts
  • Email
  • Music
  • Play music
  • Video player
  • Sound recorder
  • More apps
  • Google Play Store apps
  • Settings
  • Upgrading phone software
  • For you safety
Download here:
ZTE Source N9511 Manual English PDF Format
ZTE Source N9511 User Manual English Doc Format
ZTE Source N9511 Manual Spanish

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