Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40 C50 C70 Manual

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For owner of Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40 C50 C70, now the laptop manual is available in pdf format. You can get the manual from The Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40 C50 C70 A Series user manual consist of 179 pages. It's devided into 6 chapter with appendix, glossary and index. It's available in english language. In this manual provide reference information such as Setting up a work environment, Computer user comfort recommendations, Mobile computing tips, Important information on your computer’s cooling fan, Setting up your computer, Connecting to a power source, tutorial how to Charging the main battery, Using the computer for the first time, Setting up your software, and instructions how to Registering your computer with Toshiba.

Manual Cover
Manual Cover

Then in the Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40 C50 C70 user guide also discuss about learn laptop basic operations like how to restart, shurtdown, and Sleep mode. Read about Installing a memory module on page 45, Checking total memory on page 52, Creating recovery media on page 54, Restoring from recovery media, Reset your PC on page 59, Installing drivers and applications on page 62, Using the touch pad, Connecting an HDMI, Customizing your computer’s settings on page 59.

Other important information such as Cleaning the computer, Using a computer lock, Computing tips like Using the keyboard, starting an app, saving your work, backing up, using the optical disc drive and more. Especially about mobile computing you can read on page 84 for example Charging the main battery, Monitoring battery power, What to do when the main battery runs low, Setting battery notifications, Using the eco power plan, and Traveling tips. You can get information about Exploring Your Computer’s Features on page 100 such as Exploring the desktop, Setting up for communications, windows store, Connect to the Internet, Using a microphone, Using external speakers or headphones, Using the Memory card reader.

Don't forget there is important information on this manual especially about Utilities (page 110) for example Desktop Assist, eco Utility, Supervisor password, User password, System Settings, Function Key, Recovery Media Creator, Service Station and TOSHIBA Application Installer

Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40 C50 C70 Troubleshooting (Read on chapter 6):
  • Your program or application stops responding
  • The computer will not start
  • The AC power light is blinking
  • The battery light is blinking when the computer is on
  • The Windows operating system is not working
  • My Internet connection is very slow
  • My browser cannot find the URL address I typed in
  • My browser cannot find a site I bookmarked
  • Memory problems
  • The AC power light does not come on when you plug in the 
  • AC adaptor and power cord/cable
  • The AC adaptor and power cord/cable work correctly, but the battery will not charge.
  • The battery appears not to power the computer for as long as it usually does
  • The screen is blank
  • The screen does not look correct
  • A message displays saying that there is a problem with your display settings and that the adapter type is incorrect or the current settings do not work with your hardware
  • The display mode is set to Simultaneous and the external display device does not work
  • Small bright dots appear on your TFT display when you turn on your computer
  • Your hard disk seems very slow
  • Your data files are damaged or corrupted
  • Some programs run correctly but others do not
  • You cannot access a disc in the drive
  • You press the disc eject button, but the drive tray does not slide out
  • Some discs run correctly but others do not
  • The disc will not come out of the drive when you click the eject button on the screen
  • No sound is coming from the computer’s speakers
  • The printer will not print
  • The printer will not print what you see on the screen
  • Wireless networking problems on page 142
  • A blank screen appears while watching a DVD-ROM movie or title
  • The screen saver runs while you are watching a movie or title.
  • General tips for installing hardware and software
Tabel of Content for the Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40 C50 C70 Manual:
  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: Learning the Basics
  • Chapter 3: Mobile Computing
  • Chapter 4: Exploring Your Computer’s Features
  • Chapter 5: Utilities
  • Chapter 6: If Something Goes Wrong
  • Appendix A: TOSHIBA Function Keys
  • Appendix B: Power Cord/Cable Connectors
  • Glossary
  • Index
Download Here: Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40 C50 C70 Manual (PDF)

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