OPPO Find 5 Manual, Install and Settings

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Ok for owner of OPPO Find 5 phone, here we find the OPPO Find 5 manual in pdf format. The manual contains many instructios or tutorial such as install SIM card and phone layout with key functions, tutorial change wallpaers, using widgets, manage apps, make phone calls, using email, play music, using camera and tips, wi-fi settings, using wi-fi hostspot, how to setting wi-fi proxy, battery maintenance and saving tips. By the way you also can read here: about OPPO Find 5 specs.

OPPO Find 5 Part Overview
OPPO Find 5 Part Overview
The OPPO Find 5 User Manual consist of 19 pages and available in english language. Ok, the following some important information of this manual:

Install SIM Card:
  1. Use the special pin and insert it into the hole next to the SIM tray to push it out
  2. Take out the SIM tray
  3. Place your SIM card into the tray the metal surface facing up
  4. Insert the tray back into the phone with the metal surface is facing the back side of the phone

Install SIM Card
Install SIM Card
Using Wi-fi Hotspot:
  1. Make sure your cellular data is enebled
  2. Open Wi-fi hostspot and set up your SSID and password
  3. Connect other devices to the SSID you've set

Using Wi-fi Hotspot
Using Wi-fi Hotspot

Setting Wi-fi Proxy:
  1. Check the 'show advanced options' option
  2. set the proxy settings to manual
  3. Enter the proxy address and port to connect to

 Setting Wi-fi Proxy
Settings Wi-fi Proxy

Download: OPPO Find 5 Manual, Install and Settings (PDF)

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