Fujifilm X100S Owner's Manual is Available Now

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The Fujifilm X100S Owner's Manual is available now. The manual has been published by fujifilm.com. The Fujifilm X100S equipped 16.3 million pixels with 23.6mm x 15.8mm image sensor (APS-C X-Trans CMOS II). It has 2.8-inch, TFT color LCD monitor. This digital camera measuring 126.5 (W) x 74.4 (H) x 53.9 (D) mm. It's powered by Li-ion battery NP-95 capacity.

Fujifilm X100S Owner's Manual Cover
Fujifilm X100S Owner's Manual Cover
The Fujifilm X100S user manual consist of 144 pages with file size of 3.41 MB. The manual available in engllish and spanish language. In this user guide contains reference information such as about safety, camaera part overview, camera displays, tutorial Inserting the Battery and a Memory Card, Turning the Camera on and Of, Using the Hybrid Viewifnder, Taking Photographs, using the flash, Recording High-Dei  nition (HD) Movies, Using the Q (Quick Menu) Button, Using the Self-Timer, Recording Pictures in RAW Format, Creating a PhotoBook, Using an External Microphone, Advanced Movie Recording, Shooting Menu Options (Photographs), Using the Menus: Playback Mode, Printing Pictures via USB, Windows: Installing MyFinePix Studio, troubleshooting guide or solving problem and more.

Table of contents for Fujifilm X100S Owner's Manual / Manual del propietario:
  • Before you begin
  • First steps
  • Basic photography and playback
  • Basic movie recording and playback
  • The quick menu button
  • More on photography and playback
  • Menus
  • Connections
  • Technical notes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Appendix

Fujifilm X100S Troubleshooting aka Problems and Solutions (Read on page 111):

  • The camera does not turn on
  • The monitor does not turn on
  • The battery runs down quickly
  • The camera turns of suddenly
  • Charging does not start
  • Charging is low
  • The charging lamp blinks, but the battery does not charge
  • Display is not in English
  • No picture is taken when the shutter button is pressed
  • Mottling (“noise”) appears in the monitor or electronic viewifnder when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
  • The display goes dark after shooting
  • The camera does not focus
  • The flash does not fire
  • Some flash modes are not available
  • The flash does not fully light the subject
  • Pictures are blurred
  • Pictures are mottled
  • Pictures are grainy
  • Playback zoom is unavail-able
  • No sound in movie playback
  • Selected pictures are not deleted
  • File numbering is unex-pectedly reset
  • No picture or sound
  • The computer does not recognize the camera
  • Can not transfer RAW or JPEG files to computer
  • Pictures can not be printed
  • Only one copy is printed/the date is not printed
  • The camera is unresponsive
  • The camera does not function as expected
  • No sound
  • Card error
Download free pdf manual:
Fujifilm X100S Owner's Manual del propietario
Fujifilm X100S Owner's Manual (English) 

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