Dell Inspiron 660S Desktop Manual Download

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The Dell Inspiron 660S Desktop Manual aka user guide is available online. For owner of this desktop, you can download at The Dell Inspiron 660S is powered by Intel Pentium G630 / 2.7 GHz processor. It's run on Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OS with 64-bit Edition. It's available DVD±RW, ewuipped with 4 GB memory.

Dell Inspiron 660S Desktop
Dell Inspiron 660S Desktop  

The Dell Inspiron 660S Desktop user manual consist of 94 pages with file size of 4.98 MB. the manual support in english language and devided into 22 section. The manual provide detail reference information such as how to Turn Off Your Computer and Connected Devices, safety, System Board Components, Removing and replacing the Computer Cover, Removing and replacing Memory Module(s), Configuring Your Computer After Removing or Installing the PCI-Express Card, removing the mini-card, front bezel, drive cage, optical drive, Front I/O Panel, Removing and replacing the Processor Fan and Heat-Sink Assembly, Entering the Service Tag in the BIOS, Clearing CMOS Passwords, and more.

Table of contents for Dell Inspiron 660S Desktop User Manual:            
  • Before you begin
  • After working inside your computer
  • Technical overview
  • Computer cover
  • Fan shroud
  • Memory module(s)
  • PCI-Express cards
  • Mini card
  • Front bezel
  • Drive cage
  • Optical drive
  • Hard drive
  • Front I/O panel
  • Power-button module
  • Power-supply unit
  • Processor fan and heat-sink assembly
  • Processor
  • Coin-cell battery
  • System board
  • System setup
  • Flashing the BIOS
  • Specifications
Download here: Dell Inspiron 660S Desktop Manual (PDF)

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