Canon PowerShot G15 Manual Download

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The Canon PowerShot G15 Manual or user guide is available for download. The manual available in english language. The Canon PowerShot G15 equipped with 12.1 megapixels with 5 x optical zoom and 4 x digital zoom. It's uses DIGIC 5 image processor. It has 3 in LCD display. This digital camera is powered by Canon NB-10L battery and measuring 4.2 in x 1.6 in x 3 in with weight are 10.9 oz.

Canon PowerShot G15 Manual Cover
Canon PowerShot G15 Manual Cover
The Canon PowerShot G15 User Manual consist of 316 pages with file size of 16.82 MB. It's devided into 10 section. The manual contains many reference information such as camera degital part overview, learn camera basic operations like shutter button, shooting models, usign Face ID, image customization features, auto clip recording, shooting various movies, shooting RAW images, how to prortecting images, rediting movies, printing images guide, troubleshooting and more.

Canon PowerShot G15 Troublshooting:
  • The battery is deplted quickly
  • The lens is not retracted
  • The battery is swollen
  • cannot shoot
  • Strange display on the screen ynder low hight
  • Strange display on the screen when shooting
  • No date stamp is added to images
  • Shots are out of focus
  • No AF frames are displayed and the camera does not focus when the shutter button is pressed halfway
  • Subjects in shots look too dark
  • Subjects in shoot look too dark
  • Subjects look too bright, hightlights are washed out
  • Shoots llok grainy
  • Subjects are affected by red eye
  • Recording to the memory card takes too long, or continuous shooting is slower
  • Shooting settings or FUNC menu settings are not available
  • The babies or children icon does not display
  • Zooming is not possible
  • Subjects llok distorted
  • Playback is not poossible
  • Playback stops, or audio skips
  • Sound is not played during movies
  • cannot transfer images to a computer
  • cannot transfer images
  • Cannot record
  • Memory car locked
  • Memory card error
  • Lens error
  • Print error
  • Ins Absober full

Table of contents for Canon PowerShot G15 Digital Camera Manual / User Guide:
  • Basic guide
  • Advanced guide
  • Smart auto mode
  • Other shooting modes
  • P mode
  • TV, AV, M, C1 and C2 mode
  • Playback mode
  • Setting menu
  • Accessories
  • Appendix
Download here: Canon PowerShot G15 Manual (PDF)

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