Acer C7 Chromebook Manual Is Available Now (PDF)

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The Acer C7 Chromebook Manual is available now. The manual aka Chromebook Quick Guide and it comes in pdf format and support in english language. The Acer C7 Chromebook powered by Dual-core Intel Celeron Processor and runs on Google Chrome operating system. There is 320 GB HDD hard drive and 2 GB of RAM. The notebook includes a 11.6 in display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Acer C7 Chromebook
Acer C7 Chromebook 

The Acer C7 Chromebook User Manual consist of  23 pages and devided into 8 section. In this pdf quick guide provide detail reference information such as about safety instructions, Tips and information for comfortable use, how to Turn on your Chromebook, language settings, Connect to a network, Create a new Google Account, laern chromebook part overview, using apps, tutorial installing apps to chrome OS, using Google drive, Gmail, using Google Docs, watch youtube, chrome web store, customizing the wallpaper, setting up printer, updating chrome OS, and more.

Table of contents for Acer C7 Chromebook Manual / Quick Guide:
  • Information for your safety and comfort
  • Getting started
  • Your Acer Chromebook tour
  • Desktop
  • Apps
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Regulations and safety notices

Download: Acer C7 Chromebook Manual in pdf format

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