Epson PowerLite X15 Manual, Settings and Solving Problems

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On the previous post we have discussed about Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD Manual, now we want to share about Epson Projector manual again. The projector is Epson PowerLite X15. The manual is available now and there are important issues to covered include settings and Solving Problems for the projector. The Epson PowerLite X15 comes with type of display is Poly-silicon TFT active matrix. It has 1024 × 768 pixels (XGA) resolution with White light output 3000 lumens (ISO 21118 standard), Color light output 3000 lumens and White light output 2400 lumens (ISO 21118 standard). The projector has physical dimensions of 3.03 inches (h) x 11.6 inches (w) x 8.98 inches (d).

Epson PowerLite X15 Manual Cover
Epson PowerLite X15 Manual Cover

The Epson PowerLite X15 User Manual contains many instructions / tutorial such as learn projector part overview, setting up, connecting to computer, HDMI, Connecting to External Speakers and USB. Then about tutorial Resizing and focusing the Image, image shape, Changing the Projection Mode Using the Remote Control and menus, changing image aspect ratio, Projecting a Slide Show, Shutting Off the Picture and Sound Temporarily, Projector Security Features, locking and unlocking, Using the Projector's Menus, Projector Maintenance like Cleaning the Projector Case and lens, Cleaning the Air Filter and Vents, Replacing the Lamp, and solving problem tips

Epson PowerLite X15 Solving Problems
For Solving Problems of Epson PowerLite X15 no different with Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD projector. It provides topic issues such as Using the Projector Help Displays, Solutions When No Image Appears, Password Problems, Solutions to Projector Power or Shut-Off Problems and more. You can read on page 109-121.

Table of Contents for Epson PowerLite X15 User Guide:
  • Introduction to Your Projector
  • Setting Up the Projector
  • Using Basic Projector Features
  • Adjusting Projector Features
  • Adjusting the Menu Settings
  • Maintaining and Transporting the Projector
  • Solving Problems
  • Technical Specifications
  • Notices
Download: Epson PowerLite X15 Manual, Settings and Problem Solving

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