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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual | This manual for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Samsung Kona / GT-N5100. The pdf manual available in english language and you can download directly at samsung official webiste. The main subject of this manual devided into 10 section including about troubleshooting guide. Ok, some important information of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 user manual  for example about device layout, keys and button functions on page 8-9. Tutorial Installing the SIM or USIM card on page 11, Charging the battery, instructions Inserting a memory card on page 15, Formatting the memory card on page 16, Turning the device on and off, Locking and unlocking the device on page 18, Using the touch screen, Using the S Pen, Setting wallpaper on page 34, Using widgets, Installing applications, and Using the Samsung keyboard on page 38.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual Cover
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual Cover

Next information about Connecting to a Wi-Fi network on page 39, Setting up accounts, Connecting with Samsung Kies, Connecting with Windows Media Player, Upgrading the device, Upgrading with Samsung Kies, Making calls, using contacts, Importing and exporting contacts, using messages and email, using applications like Google+, Google talk, Google mail. Then about Internet, using bluetooth, using Smart Remote, Setting a song as ringtone, using camera on page 70, Configuring settings for Camera, recording video, using youtube, Play Store, Game Hub, play books and movies, Polaris Office, Dropbox, maps, and latitude.

Other important information in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual / User guide such as about settings up phone like Setting Wi-Fi sleep policy, Setting Network notification, Wi-Fi Direct, Tethering and portable hotspot, Set up and connect to virtual private networks (VPNs), Kies via Wi-Fi, Change the settings for the display, Power saving mode, Change settings for securing the device, Change settings for securing the device and the SIM or USIM card, Backup and reset, Factory data reset, Automatic restore, and Troubleshooting problem.

Table of content for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual:
  • Getting started
  • Basics
  • Communication
  • Web & network
  • Media
  • Application & media stores
  • Utilities
  • Travel & local
  • Settings
  • Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Instructions Resume:
Formatting the memory card
A memory card formatted on a computer may not be compatible with the device. Format the  memory card on the device. On the Home screen, tap Apps→Settings→Storage→Format SD card→Format SD
card→Erase everything.

Changing the Home screen mode
The Home screen has basic and easy modes. In easy mode, you can easily access your favourite contacts, applications, and settings by adding shortcuts to the Home screen. To switch to easy mode, on the Home screen, tap Apps→Settings→Home screen mode→Easy mode→Apply.

Setting wallpaper
Set an image or photo stored in the device as wallpaper for the Home screen.On the Home screen, tap → Set wallpaper→Home screen, and then select one of the  following:

  • Gallery: See photos taken by the device’s camera or images downloaded from the Internet.
  • Live wallpapers: See animated images.
  • Wallpapers: See wallpaper images.

Then, select an image and tap Set wallpaper. Or, select an image, resize it by dragging the  frame, and then tap Done.

Upgrading over the air (Software update)
The device can be directly upgraded to the latest software by the firmware over-the-air (FOTA) service. On the Applications screen, tap Settings→About device→Software update→Update.

Pairing with other Bluetooth devices
On the Applications screen, tap Settings→Bluetooth→Scan, and detected devices are listed. Select the device you want to pair with, and then accept the auto-generated passkey  on both devices to confirm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Troubleshooting (Page 127):
  • Your device displays network or service error messages
  • The touch screen responds slowly or improperly
  • Your device freezes or has fatal errors
  • Calls are being dropped
  • Outgoing calls are not connected
  • Incoming calls are not connected
  • Others cannot hear you speaking on a call
  • Audio quality is poor
  • When dialling from contacts, the call is not connected
  • The device beeps and the battery icon is empty
  • The battery does not charge properly or the device turns off
  • Your device is hot to the touch
  • Error messages appear when launching the camera
  • Error messages appear when opening music files
  • Another Bluetooth device is not located
  • A connection is not established when you connect the device to a computer
  • A small gap appears around the outside of the device case

Download the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 manual and troubleshooting here

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