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The LG Optimus G Pro manual aka LG E985 User Guide contain many information and instructions to operate this smartphone. You can download the pdf manual directly at LG official website. The LG Optimus G Pro user manual support in english language and it has 131 pages. It's devided into 21 section. The following main subject of this manual:
  • Phone layout with menu and keys functions
  • Tutorial Installing the SIM card and battery and Charging your phone
  • Instructions Inserting a microSD card
  • Formatting the microSD card
  • Touch screen tips
  • Lock phone guide
  • Customizing your Home screen and the Apps screen
  • Creating Google account
  • Making a call and settings
  • Using camera and settings
  • Recording a video, Using gallery, video wiz, maps latitude, pay store, Gtalk and using Gmail
  • USing other applications like Qsilde, Quickmemo, VU Talk, Setting the alarm, task manager, using polaris office, LG Tag+
  • Using Wi-fi and bluetooth, NFC, file networking, mobile hotspot, Bluetooth tethering, VPN setting, phone ringtone, security,backup and reset, factory data reset, Phone Software Update, troubleshooting, safety and accessories info

 LG Optimus G Pro Manual
 LG Optimus G Pro Manual Cover
Table of content for the LG Optimus G Pro Manual / LG E985 User Guide:
  • Important Notice
  • Your Phone 
  • Getting Started
  • Your Home screen
  • Google Account setup
  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Messsaging / Email
  • Social Networking
  • Camera
  • Video Camera 
  • Multimedia
  • Google Applications
  • Utilities
  • The Web
  • Settings
  • LG On-Screen Phone 3.0
  • Software Update 
  • Trademarks
  • Q&A
  • Accessories
  • For your safety
  • Safety guidelines

LG Optimus G Pro Troubleshooting (Page 102)
  • How do I view the list of outgoing calls, incoming calls and missed calls?
  • Why is the connection inconsistent or not audible in certain areas?
  • Why is the connection inconsistent or abruptly 
  • disconnects even when established?
  • Why does the phone heat up?
  • Why does the battery run out so quickly during normal use?
  • Why is no number dialed when an Address  Book entry is recalled?
  • The screen got frozen. How can I solve this problem?

Download the LG Optimus G Pro Manual aka LG E985 User Guide here

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