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The Huawei G6800 Manual or user guide available to download in pdf format. The manual consisting of 41 pages and support in english language. It's devided into 11 section. In the Huawei G6800 user manual contains information such as about tutorial Installing the SIM Ca rd and Ba ttery, Installing and Removing a microSD Card, Charging the Battery, phone layout, keys and functions, Using the Touchscreen, Locking and Unlocking the Screen, Customizing the Screen, making phone call and settings, instructions exporting and Importing Contacts from a SIM Card, using browser, FM radio, camcoder, using bluetooth, Contacts Backup, using applications like ebook, gallery, SIM tool kit, task and more. The table of content for the Huawei G6800 pdf Manual / user guide as follows:

Huawei G6800 Manual Cover
Huawei G6800 Manual Cover
Table of content for the Huawei G6800 Manual User Guide:
  1. Getting Started
  2. Getting to Know Your Phone
  3. Voice Services
  4. Contacts
  5. Text Input
  6. Messaging 
  7. Multimedia
  8. Network and Connectivity
  9. Managing Your Phone
  10. Applications
  11. Warnings and Precautions

Huawei G6800 Layout:

Huawei G6800 Layout
Huawei G6800 Layout
  1. Headset jack   
  2. Earpiece  
  3. Power key  
  4. Screen  
  5. SNS key  
  6. Call key 
  7. Keypad  
  8. Microphone 
  9. End key    
  10. Back key   
  11. Volume key   
  12. Charger jack/Micro Universal Serial Bus (USB) port
Download the Huawei G6800 Manual / User Guide here

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