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HTC Deluxe Manual | The HTC Deluxe Manual or user guide also known as the pdf ebook guide that contains many reference information and instructions to operate this smartphone. The manual consisting of 207 pages and available in english language. It's devided into 25 section with index. The HTC Deluxe user manual provide detail information such as about phone layout, tutorial Charging the battery and power on/off, Setting up HTC Deluxe for the first time, using home screen, Updating the HTC Deluxe software, Unlocking the screen, using caamera, recording video, Changing camera and video settings, Changing your wallpaper, Customizing the lock screen style, call settings, Setting up a three-way call, using messages, Backing up your text message, using browser, movie editor, Encrypting data on HTC Deluxe, backup and reset.

HTC Deluxe Manual
HTC Deluxe Manual Cover

Then in the HTC Deluxe Manual also provide detail information about Installing on a Windows computer, Syncing your media and data with HTC Sync Manager, Importing media to HTC Sync Manager,Backing up your contacts, using facebook, twitter, Gmail,using dropbox, skydrive, using Google maps, and google play. Other important information such as ablout using bluetooth, using wi-fi, vpn setting,  Protecting your SIM card with a PIN, Protecting HTC Deluxe with a screen lock, Printing guide and more.

Table of content for the HTC Deluxe Manual / User Guide:
  • Unboxing
  • Setting up your phone
  • Your first week with your new phone
  • Camera
  • Personalizing
  • Phone calls
  • Messages
  • Search and Web browser
  • Photos, videos, and music
  • Storage
  • Sync, backup, and reset
  • HTC Sync Manager
  • Poople
  • Social
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Online storage and services
  • HTC Car
  • Travel and maps
  • Essential apps
  • Google Play and other apps
  • Internet connections
  • Bluetooth
  • Settings and security
  • Other essentials
  • Trademarks and copyrights
  • Index

Download the HTC Deluxe Manual / User Guide here

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