SONY XPERIA ZL MANUAL - Download Sony C6506 Odin User Guide

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Sony Xperia ZL Manual | The Sony Xperia ZL Manual also known as the Sony C6506 Odin User Guide. The manual has been published by sony mobile in pdf format. It has 132 pages and available in english language. It's devided into 25 section with index. In the Sony Xperia ZL user manual you can find many information such as about Assembly, screen lock, Setup guide, Using the keys, Using the lockscreen, settings menu, Using a headset,Mobile network settings and Internet and messaging settings. Then tutorial about google play, Call settings, using contacts and Backing up contacts, using Google talk, Using the "WALKMAN" application, using FM radio, using camera, Mobile BRAVIA® Engine, using neo reader, using bluetooth, Connecting to wireless networks, usign GPS, maps, instructions how to Updating your device, Backup and restore application, and more. Read the table of content for the Sony Xperia ZL Manual / Sony C6506 Odin User Guide below:

Sony Xperia ZL
Sony Xperia ZL

Table of content for the Sony Xperia ZL Manual or Sony C6506 Odin User Guide:
  • Getting started
  • Getting to know your device
  • Google Play
  • Calling
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Email
  • Timescape
  • "WALKMAN" application 
  • Music services
  • FM radio
  • Camera
  • Album
  • Movies
  • Video Unlimited
  • Web browser
  • Connectivity
  • Synchronising data on your phone
  • Maps and locations
  • Calendar and alarm clock
  • Support and maintenance
  • Reference
  • Important information
  • Index

Sony Xperia ZL Support and maintenance Guide
Sony Xperia ZL Updating Resume (read on page 117):
  • Updating your device wirelessly Tutorial
  • Updating your device using a USB cable connection

Sony Xperia ZL Backup and restore application (page 118)
  • Preparing to use the Backup and restore application
  • Restoring backed up content using the Backup and restore
  • application
  • Managing backup records

Sony Xperia ZL Locking and protecting (page 119)
  • SIM card protection
  • Setting a screen lock

Download the Sony Xperia ZL Manual or Sony C6506 Odin User Guide here

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