SAMSUNG ATIV ODYSSEY MANUAL - Download Samsung SCH-I930 User GUide

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Samsung Ativ Odyssey Manual | Four months ago, on this blog we have discuss about Samsung Ativ Odyssey specs and price. Now, we have information about the Samsung Ativ Odyssey manual or samsung SCH-I930 user guide. The pdf manual has been published by It's comes with 190 pages and available in english language. It's devided into 13 section. The Samsung Ativ Odyssey  user manual contain many instructions / tutorial for example about how to setting up phone, using memory card, locking and unocking guide, using touch screen,  phone updates, troubleshooting, Formatting a Windows Phone 8 and Setting Up Your Voice Mail. Then about phone layout with menu, display and key functions, Using the QWERTY Keyboard, phone calls, Importing SIM Contacts to Your Phone, using camera, using xbox music pass, photo editor, slacker radio, using bluetooth, using Wi-fi, phone settings guide, resetting phone, using other applications like games, live wallpaper, NFL mobile, onenote, wallet, safety and more.

Samsung Ativ Odyssey Manual
Samsung Ativ Odyssey Manual Cover

Table of content for the Samsung Ativ Odyssey Manual / Samsung SCH-I930 User GUide: 
Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: Understanding Your Phone
Section 3: Entering Text
Section 4: Call Functions
Section 5: Your People Hub
Section 6: Multimedia
Section 7: Messaging
Section 8: Changing Your Settings
Section 9: Connections
Section 10: Applications
Section 11: Health and Safety Information
Section 12: Warranty Information
Section 13: Samsung Product Registration

Samsung Ativ Odyssey Troubleshooting
If your phone is frozen or unresponsive, try the following:

  1. Restart your phone by pressing and holding the Power/ Lock key for 13 to 15 seconds. The phone will power off and then turn on automatically.
  2. If restarting your phone does not solve the problem, turn off the phone, remove and replace the battery, and turn on the phone.

Download Samsung Ativ Odyssey Manual / Samsung SCH-I930 User Guide here

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