LG OPTIMUS L9 MANUAL - Free PDF LG P769 User Guide

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LG Optimus L9 Manual | The LG Optimus L9 manual also known as the LG P769 User Guide. This manual available to download for free and support in english language. It comes with PDF format and consisting of 170 pages also devided into 23 section. In the LG Optimus L9 user manual you can find and learn about such as safety guide, phone part overview, Installing the Micro SIM card and battery, Inserting a microSD card, Formatting the microSD card, using home screen, lock and unlock phone, using contacts and messages, using camera for taking photo, Recording a video, Using SmartShare, using Google maps, latitude, playstore, Gmail and talk, using file manager, polaris office, TeleNav GPS, using wi-fi and bluetooth, Backup & reset, Phone Software Update, also about troubleshooting problem. While for table of content of this manual as follows:

LG Optimus L9 Manual Cover
LG Optimus L9 Manual Cover

Table of content for the LG Optimus L9 Manual / LG P769 User Guide:
  • For Your Safety 
  • Getting to know your phone
  • Your Phone
  • Getting Started
  • Your Home screen
  • Google Account Set-up
  • Connecting to Networks and Devices
  • Calls
  • Contacts 
  • Messaging/Email
  • Social Networking
  • Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Multimedia
  • Google Applications
  • Utilities
  • The web
  • Settings
  • Software Update
  • Copyrights and trademarks
  • Accessories
  • Technical data 
  • Troubleshooting 

LG Optimus L9 Important instructions Review:
LG Optimus L9 Backup & reset
Back up my data Back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers.
Backup account Displays the accounts that are currently being backed up.
Automatic restore When reinstalling an app, restore backed up settings and data.
Factory data reset  - Erases all data on the phone.

LG Optimus L9  Troubleshooting (Read on page 164)
  • SIM error
  • No network connection/ Losing network
  • Codes do not match
  • Any application cannot be set
  • Calls not available
  • Phone cannot be switched on
  • Charging error
  • Number not permitted
  • Impossible to receive / send SMS & picture
  • Files not opening SD card not working
  • The screen does not turn on when I receive a call
  • No Sound
  • Hang up or freeze
  • Phone locked and does not function

LG Optimus L9  Hard Reset (Factory Reset) 
If your phone needs to be restored to its original condition, use a  Hard Reset  to initialize your
  1. Turn the power off. 
  2. Press and hold the following keys at the same time for 8 seconds: Power/Lock Key + Home Key + Down Volume Key 

Download the LG Optimus L9 manual /  LG P769 User Guide in pdf format for free here

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