MOTOROLA RAZR V MANUAL - Download MT887 User Guide

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Motorola Razr V Manual | The Motorola Razr V Manual also known as Motorola MT887 User guide. It's document comes in pdf format and available to download in english language. If you are searching this manual, here you can get link download for it. OK, some important information talking about tutorial insert or remove the SIM card, lock and unlock guide, using home scereen, instructions to install apps and updates, making phone call guide, using contacts and messages, using social networking, play music player, using web, google maps, google latitude, wi-fi and bluetooth settings, security guide, reset phone, troubleshooting, Battery Use & Safety, and more. Read the table content of this manual below:

Motorola Razr V Manual Cover
Motorola Razr V Manual Cover

Table content of Motorola Razr V Manual / MT887 User Guide:
  • Let’s go
  • Controls
  • Home screen 
  • Apps & updates 
  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Text entry
  • Social networking
  • Photos & videos
  • Music
  • Web 
  • Personalize
  • Location 
  • Connect
  • Tips & tricks
  • Tools
  • Management 
  • Security 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product Safety & Legal

Motorola Razr V Operating Instructions and Settings:

Motorola Razr V Lock & unlock
To lock your phone screen, do any one of these:
• Press the Power key.
• Let the screen time out (don’t press anything).
• Switch off the power.
To unlock the phone screen, press the Power key, or touch Home . When you switch on the phone you see the unlock screen.

Forgot your pattern, PIN, or password?
If you make five unsuccessful attempts to enter your lock pattern, you can touch Forgot pattern and enter the Gmail user name and password you set up as your main  Gmail account when you registered your device. You will then be able to create a new pattern and unlock your device.

If you forget your PIN or password, contact your service provider to have your device factory reset.
Warning: A factory reset will delete all data on your phone.

Motorola Razr V Reset 
To reset your phone to factory settings and erase all the data on your phone, touch Apps > Settings > Privacy> Factory data reset > Reset phone.
Warning: All data on your phone will be deleted.
(Nothing on the microSD memory card is deleted.)

Download the Motorola Razr V Manual or Motorola MT887 User Guide here

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