ZTE F160 MANUAL - Download AT&T F160 User Guide

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ZTE F160 Manual | The ZTE F160 manual or AT&T F160 user guide is now available to download. The user manual comes in PDF format and you can download directly at zteusa.com. It has 28 pages with file size of 1.55 MB. It's devided into 16 section. In the ZTE F160 manual /user guide you can find information such as about SIM and memory cards, how to charging the phone, powering phone, phone layout with menu key, making calls, using messages and settings, using bluetooth, using website, phones setings guide, care, maintenance, troubleshooting problem, specifications, and more. For table of content of this manual as follows:

ZTE F160 Manual Cover
ZTE F160 Manual Cover

Table of content of ZTE F160 manual / user guide:
  • Chapter 1 – Getting Started
  • Chapter 2 – Entering Text
  • Chapter 3 – Calls
  • Chapter 4 – Messages
  • Chapter 5 – Address Book
  • Chapter 6 –  Bluetooth
  • Chapter 7 – Mobile Web
  • Chapter 8 – Tools 
  • Chapter 9 – Entertainment
  • Chapter 10 – Settings 
  • Chapter 11 – Accessibility 
  • Chapter 12 – Care and Maintenance 
  • Chapter 13 – Troubleshooting   
  • Chapter 14 – Specifications
  • Chapter 15 – FCC Compliance
  • Chapter 16 – Radio Frequency (RF) Energy

ZTE F160 Troubleshooting and FAQs:
  • No incoming ring or alarm tone
  • No key tones when  pressing keys
  • How do I extend the incoming ring time?
  • A phone number cannot be dialed
  • Short messages cannot be sent or received
  • MMS messages cannot be sent or received
  • How do I turn off  Predictive Text?
  • The battery discharges quickly
  • I cannot charge the phone
  • How do I enter text in an SMS?
  • How do I change the ringtone?
  • The phone turns off after charging
  • The phone turns on automatically
  • My phone is not able to connect to other Bluetooth devices
  • How do I transfer pictures vi
  • Bluetooth to a photo printer (e.g., Kodak)?
  • No SIM detected
  • Enter PIN code
  • Enter PUK code
  • Enter unlock code
  • Enter handset lock code

Get and download the ZTE F160 Manual 
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