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Still share information about Sony digital camera with type is Sony Alpha Nex-F3. If you are owner of the Sony Alpha Nex-F3 digital camera, here you can get link download Instruction Manual of Sony Alpha Nex-F3. Some important information in the Sony Alpha Nex-F3 manual such as about camera layout with menu and key buttons functions, tutorial charging the battery, instructions about how to inserting memory card, turn on the camera guide and settings. Then about shooting and recording movies guide, using the self timer, learn recording functions, using playback, installing the sofware, using LCD screen, troubleshooting / solving problem, specs and more. The Sony Alpha Nex-F3 measuring 117.3 x 66.6 x 41.3mm with weight 225g. It has 3-inch LCD screen with 16.1 million pixel Exmor CMOS sensor.

Sony Alpha Nex-F3
Sony Alpha Nex-F3 
Table of Content of Sony Alpha Nex-F3 Instruction Manual:
  • Preparing the camera
  • Mastering the basic 
  • operation
  • Using the recording 
  • functions
  • Using the playback 
  • functions
  • Checking the functions 
  • available
  • Importing images to the 
  • computer
  • Others

Especially about the Sony Alpha Nex-F3 Troubleshooting Include:
  • The battery pack cannot be installed
  • The remaining battery indicator is incorrect, or sufficient remaining battery indicator is displayed but the power runs out too quickly
  • Cannot turn on the camera
  • The charge lamp on the camera flashes when charging the battery pack
  • The battery has not been charged even if the charge lamp has turned off
  • The battery pack is not charged
  • Nothing is displayed on the LCD screen when the power is turned on
  • The shutter does not release
  • Recording takes a long time
  • The image is out of focus
  • The flash does not work
  • Fuzzy white circular spots appear on images shot using the flash
  • The flash takes too long to recharge
  • The image taken with the flash is too dark
  • The date and time are recorded incorrectly
  • The aperture value and/or shutter speed flashes
  • The image is whitish (Flare).
  • Blurring of light appears on the image (Ghosting)
  • The corners of the picture are too dark
  • The eyes of the subject come out red
  • Dots appear and remain on the LCD screen
  • The image is blurred
  • The exposure value is flashing on the LCD screen or the 
  • viewfinder
  • The self-timer lamp does not flash
  • Images cannot be played back

Download free pdf manual here:
Sony Alpha Nex-F3 Instruction Manual

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