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Samsung Rugby III Manual | The Samsung Rugby III  manual or user guide from AT&T carrier is now available to download in pdf format. If you have bought the Samsung Rugby III, before using this smartphone, you must read the Samsung SGH-A997 user guide because provide many instructions an tutorial especially how to operating phone correctly and safely according procedures. In the Samsung Rugby III user manual you can get information and learn such as about tutorial activating phone, tutorial installing the SIM card, and microSD card, installing the battery, turning the phone on or off, phone layout, menu navigation, using messages, make phone calls guide, using contacs, using applications like games, pictures, video, music player, using AT&T radio, using camera and camcoder, using bluetooth, using browser for access the internet, using appcenter, phone settings guide like display settings, connectivity, software update, safety, warranty.

Samsung Rugby III Manual Cover
Samsung Rugby III Manual Cover

The Samsung Rugby III manual has 185 pages and writen in english language. It's devided into  15 section with index. If you read this manual, you must using pdf applications like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. Table of content of Samsung Rugby III pdf manual as follows:

Table of content of Samsung Rugby III manual / SGH-A997 User Guide:
  • Section 1:  Getting Started
  • Section 2:  Understanding Your Phone
  • Section 3:  Entering Text
  • Section 4:  Call Functions
  • Section 5:  AT&T Enhanced Push To Tak
  • Section 6:  Understanding Your Address Book
  • Section 7:  My Stuff
  • Section 8:  Multimedia
  • Section 9:  Connections
  • Section 10:  Messaging
  • Section 11:  Applications
  • Section 12:  Changing Your Settings
  • Section 13:  Health and Safety Information
  • Section 14:  Warranty Information
  • Section 15:  Samsung Product Registration 
  • Index

Download the Samsung Rugby III manual / SGH-A997 User Guide here

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