LG F4N MANUAL - Download LG A447 User Guide

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LG F4N Manual | The LG F4N manual or user guide is now available to download in pdf format. The LG A447 User Guide consisting of 75 pages and support in english language. If you are owner of LG F4N phone, you can read this manual before operating it. In the  LG F4N user manual you can get informaiton and learn about phone layout or component, tutorial installing the SIM card and battery, how to charging the phone correctly on page 29. Then about making a call guide, using contacts, message, play music, using games and apps, and using bleutooth on page 50. Other impotant information for example about using camera for take a photo, record video, file manager, using tools, using broweser for access the internet, phone settings guide like date and time settings, languages and security settings, wallpapers, accessories and more. For table of content of  LG F4N owner manual as follows:

LG F4N Manual Cover
LG F4N Manual Cover
Table of content of LG F4N Manual / LG A447 User Guide:
  • Content
  • safety
  • Your phone
  • Getting started
  • General functions
  • In call menu
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Music
  • Recent call
  • Games and Apps
  • Connectivity
  • Camera
  • Tools
  • Browser
  • Settings
  • Accessories

Download LG F4N Manual / LG A447 User Guide

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