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Olympus VR 360 D760 Manual | The Olympus VR 360 D760 Manual / user guide has been published by olympus-europa.com. The Olympus VR 360 D760 user manual is guide ebook for owner of this digital camera. In the pdf manual provides detail reference information such as learn camera parts, using the direct buttons,  using the menu, instructions Inserting the battery and card, Setting up using the supplied CD, Shooting, Viewing, and Erasing S  hooting, Viewing, and Erasing, using the zoom, Using the flash, Playing back 3D images, Using Shooting Functions, printing guide, Troubleshooting, camera care and more. By the way, this pdf manual also for Olympus VR-350/D-755 snf VR-340/D-750.

Olympus VR 360 D760 Manual Cover
Olympus VR 360 D760 Manual Cover

The Olympus VR 360 D760 digital camera equipped with 16 MP with 1/2.3 "CCD. It has  3.0 "460k dot LCD and 12.5x (24-300mm) optical zoom lens angle super wide. Other features like Dual image stabilization, 720p HD movies and HDMI Control, Magic Art Filters, Face Detection, Eye-Fi Card compatibility, and more. For table of content of Olympus VR 360 D760 manual / user guide as follows:
  • Names of Parts
  • Camera Settings
  • Preparing the Camera
  • Shooting, Viewing, and Erasing 
  • Using Shooting Modes 
  • Using Shooting Functions 
  • Menus for Shooting Functions 
  • Menus for Playback, Editing, and Printing 
  • Menus for Other Camera Settings
  • Printing
  • Usage Tips
  • Appendix

Get and download free pdf manual here:
Olympus VR 360 D760 manual / user guide 

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