NOKIA 114 MANUAL - Download Nokia 114 User Guide

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Nokia 114 Manual | The Nokia 114 manual or user guide is now available for download directly at nokia official website. Before you download this manual, the following it's review:

The Nokia 114 manual is guide ebook that contain many instructions or tutorial for example about keys and parts on page 5, Insert a SIM card and battery on page 7, Insert a memory card on page 8, Lock the keys on page 11, Explore your phone on page 12, Change your ringtone on page 27. Then using applications like Radio, camera on page 33, record a video, Nokia Life, Restore original settings on page 45, using bluetooth, Update phone software on page 46, Back up content to a memory card, and more.

Nokia 114
Nokia 114
The Nokia 114 manual / user guide consisting of 60 pages with file size of 1.6 MB. It's also available in english language. More detail about the issues discussed, read table of content of this pdf guide below:

Table of content Nokia 114 Manual User Guide:
  • Keys and parts
  • Insert a SIM card and battery
  • Insert or remove a second SIM card
  • Insert a memory card
  • Charge the battery
  • Lock the keys
  • Attach a strap
  • Explore your phone
  • Set which SIM card to use
  • Copy content from your old phone
  • Indicators on your phone
  • Make or answer a call
  • Call the last dialled number
  • View your missed calls
  • Change the volume
  • Save a name and phone number
  • Make calls quickly
  • Send a message
  • Write text
  • Check your voicemail
  • Personalise your home screen
  • Add shortcuts to your home screen
  • Change your ringtone
  • Set an alarm
  • Add an appointment
  • Listen to the radio
  • Find and save radio stations
  • Play a song
  • Take a photo
  • Record a video
  • Add a bookmark
  • Set up your mail account
  • Send a mail
  • Nokia Life
  • Send a photo using Bluetooth
  • Change the security code
  • Restore original settings
  • Support
  • Update phone software using your phone
  • Back up content to a memory card
  • Access codes
  • Practical rules about accessories
  • Battery
  • General information

Download here: Nokia 114 Manual User Guide

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