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Google Nexus 10 User Manual Guide | The Google Nexus 10 user manual or owner guide is now available for download in pdf format. The User manual consisting of 166 pages with file size of 2.24 MB and support in english language. The tablet manual also known as Samsung Nexus 10 guidebook For Android mobile technology platform 4.2. As we know, the Google / samsung Nexus 10 tablet comes with main specifications like measuring 10.39 x 6.99 x 0.35 inches, 10.05 inches display screen, equipped with 5 MP camera, powered by Dual core, 1700 MHz, ARM Cortex-A15 processor and available 2 GB of RAM. Back about the pdf manual, The subject of manual devided into two section / chapter. In the first chapter you can find many information such as instructions how to using Using Nexus 10 like tutorial Charge the battery, Turn on & sign in guide, using Home screen, using apps, Use Google Play widgets, Use & customize the lock screen, Share content with Android Beam, tutorial Change the wallpaper, Connect to keyboards, mice, & other devices. Then about using keyboard, using gmail, calendar, using Google Now cards and Google search include Search tips & tricks on page 59, tutorial Accessibility gestures for Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) on page 83, set up tablet hardware on page 85, Use TalkBack features and settings, Use the lock screen.

Google / Samsung Nexus 10 Manual Cover 

Moreover, in the second chapter, you can also find instructions about tablet settings especially how to Connect to Wi-Fi networks, Add a Wi-Fi network, Configure proxy settings for a Wi-Fi network, Connect to Bluetooth devices, Pair your tablet with a Bluetooth device, Optimize data usage, Connect to virtual private networks (VPN). Further about tablet settings like Change sound, Set up Daydream, Transfer files through USB (Windows and Mac OS), Manage memory usage, and more. Dont' forget on page 133, you read about security guide includes Change backup & reset options, Manage security settings, Protect against harmful apps, Set screen lock, and Encrypt your data. For table of content of Google Nexus 10 User manual guide as follows:

  • Part One: Using Nexus 10
  • Get started
  • Explore your tablet
  • Use the keyboard
  • Try some apps
  • Use Google Now & Search
  • Accessibility
  • Part Two: Adjusting settings
  • Wireless & network settings
  • Device settings
  • Security settings
  • Personal, account, & system settings
  • Appendix:  Hardware reference
  • What’s in the box 
  • Nexus 10  
  • Detachable back panel 
  • Specs

Get and download free pdf manual here:
Google Nexus 10 User Manual Guide 

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