Apple iPad Mini User Manual Guide

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Apple iPad Mini User Manual Guide | Actually the Apple iPad Mini user manual or user guide has been discussed on this blog. But the discussion is still combined with iPad 4 manual. Ok, for this time specially about iPad mini manual. The apple ipad mini measuring 7.87 x 5.30 x 0.28 inches with display screen of 7.9 inches (IPS LCD tchnology). The processor used Dual core, 1000 MHz, ARM Cortex-A9 with Apple A5 chipset. While for memory is 512 MB of RAM. For taking photo used 5 MP camera. This tablet runs on the iOS (6) and work on under GSM, UMTS and LTE network.
Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPad Mini
The Apple iPad Mini User Manual Guide is now available and you can download directly at apple official website. The user manual consisting of 136 pages with 13.8 MB and support many language like english, french, spanish, germany, italiano, Nederlands and more. It's devided into 27 section. The iPad Mini user guide provides detail reference information such as about ipad layout and key buttons, Accessories info, Setting up iPad, Using iCloud, using apps, learn tablet basic operatins, using bluetooth device, Security guide, printing, Using Siri, messaging settings, using FaceTime applications and using camera. Then about Photo Stream, using 3D and Flyover, maps settings, play music, iTunes Store, using ibooks and settings, play game, ipad mini settings like using wi-fi, VPN, Setting up Microsoft Exchange accounts, safety, and many more. While for table of content of this manual as follows:

 Apple iPad Mini Tablet
 Apple iPad Mini Tablet
Table of content Apple iPad Mini User Manual Guide as follows:
Chapter 1:  iPad at a Glance
Chapter 2:  Getting Started
Chapter 3:  Basics
Chapter 4:  Siri
Chapter 5:  Safari
Chapter 6:  Mail
Chapter 7:  Messages
Chapter 8:  FaceTime
Chapter 9:  Camera
Chapter 10:  Photos
Chapter 11:  Photo Booth
Chapter 12:  Videos
Chapter 13:  Calendar
Chapter 14:  Contacts
Chapter 15:  Notes
Chapter 16:  Reminders
Chapter 17:  Clock
Chapter 18:  Maps
Chapter 19:  Music
Chapter 20:  iTunes Store
Chapter 21:  App Store
Chapter 22:  Newsstand
Chapter 23:  iBooks
Chapter 24:  Podcasts
Chapter 25:  Game Center
Chapter 26:  Accessibility
Chapter 27:  Settings
Appendix A:  iPad in Business
Appendix B:  International Keyboards
Appendix C:  Safety, Handling, & Support

Get and downlaod free pdf manual from here:
Apple iPad Mini User Manual Guide (English)
Apple iPad Mini User Manual Guide (Spanish)
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