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Samsung Galaxy Express Manual | The Samsung Galaxy Express manual or user guide is available for download in PDF format. The Samsung SGH-I437 User Guide consisting of 22 pages with file size of 4.8 MB and support in english languge. The Samsung Galaxy Express user manual explains such as about setting up phone, tutorial phone on/off, locking ans unlocking phone, how to creating samsung account, setting up voice mail, and troubleshooting guide. Then about phone layout with menu and key functions, menu navigation, memory card, using home screen, making phone calls, using contacts, using multimedia like AT&T locker, Live TV, media hub, music player, Google play music, using camera for taking photo, using camcoder and settings.

Samsung Galaxy Express Manual Cover
Samsung Galaxy Express Manual Cover

Further in the Samsung Galaxy Express manual also provide detail information such as messaging settings, using emialm, using google+ and talk, messenger apps, chatOn. Other important information about phone settings guide like Wi-fi settings, sound and display settings, power saving mode, application manager, backup and reset tutorial, using wi-fi and bleutooth, NFC, using internet, safety and warranty. Especially about applications include amazon kindle, AT&T code scanner, locker, navigator and smart Wi-fi, keis air, latitude, maps, mobile hotspot, play books and magazine, voice recorder, YPmobile and more. While for table of content of this manual as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Express (SGH-I437) manual / user guide:
  •     Getting Started
  •     Understanding Your Phone
  •     Call Functions
  •     Entering Text
  •     Contacts and Your Address Book
  •     Multimedia
  •     Messaging
  •     Changing Your Settings
  •     Connections
  •     Applications
  •     Health and Safety Information
  •     Warranty Information
  •     Samsung Product Registration
  •     Index

Get and download free pdf manual here:
Samsung Galaxy Express manual

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