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Samsung Array Manual | The Samsung Array manual is guide ebook pdf that contain many reference information, tutorial or instructions especially about how to operations this phone correctly and safely. The Samsung Array manual / user guide has been published by The user manual available in english language and consisting of 120 pages (2.4MB). To read this manual you must using pdf software like Adobe Reader, Foxit reader, or other free pdf applications. In the Samsung Array user manual you can find some information such as about setting up phone, setting up voice mail, learn phone basic operating, phone layout, using menu navigation, using Samsung QWERTY keyboard, phone settings guide like display and volume settings, messaging settings, using contacts using camera, using bleutooth, using web, lock and unlosk phone guide, resseting phone, safety, warranty and more. For table of content of Samsung Array owner manual as follows:

Samsung Array Manual Cover
Samsung Array Manual Cover
Table of Content of Samsung Array Manual / User Guide:
  • Your Phone's Menu
  • Getting Started
  • Setting Up Service
  • Boost Service Features
  • Safety and Warranty Information
  • Index

Samsung Array Phone Layout & Key Functions:

Samsung Array Phone Layout (1)
Samsung Array Phone Layout (1)
Samsung Array Phone Layout (1)
Samsung Array Phone Layout (2)
  • Status Bar Icons provide information about your phone’s status and options, such as signal strength, ringtone setting, messaging, and battery charge.
  •  Display displays all the information needed to operate your phone, such as the call status, the Contacts list, the date and time, and the greeting.
  • Navigation Key scrolls through the phone’s menu options and acts as a shortcut key from standby mode.
  • Option Key (left) lets you select softkey actions or menu items corresponding to the bottom left and bottom right lines on the Display Screen.
  • TALK Key allows you to place or receive calls, answer Call Waiting, use 3-Way Calling, or activate Voice Dial.
  • Speaker Key to route the phone’s audio through the speaker or through the earpiece.
  • Voicemail Key lets you access your voicemail by pressing and holding this button.
  • MENU/OK lets you access the phone’s menus and selects the highlighted choice when navigating through a menu.
  • Option Key (right) lets you select softkey actions or menu items corresponding to the bottom right and bottom right lines on the Display Screen.
  •  END/POWER Key lets you turn the phone on or off, end a call, or return to standby mode. While in the main menu, it returns the phone to standby mode and cancels your input. When you receive an incoming call, press to mute the ringtone or ignore the call.
  • Back Key deletes characters from the display in text entry mode. When in a menu, pressing the Back key returns you to the previous menu, closes a dialog box, or exits an onscreen menu/option.
  • Volume Buttons allows you to adjust the ringtone volume in standby mode (with the phone open) or adjust the voice volume during a call. The volume button can also be used to scroll up or down to navigate through the different menu options.
  • Charger/Accessory Jack allows you to connect the phone charger or an optional USB cable.
  • Camera Button lets you activate the camera.
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Samsung Array manual / user guide

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