NIKON COOLPIX L24 MANUAL - Free PDF Coolpix L24 User Guide

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Nikon coolpix L24 Manual | The Nikon coolpix L24 Manual or  user guide is now available for download in PDF format (free). The free pdf manual suppport in english language and consisting of 144 pages (9.22 MB). The Nikon coolpix L24 is compact digital camera that measuring 97.7 x 60.5 x 28.3 mm. It's equipped 14.0 MP with 3.6X optical zoom, NIKKOR lens. The camera also has 1/23-in type CCD and up to 4X digital zoom. The monitor of this digital camera is 7.5 cm (3-in), TFT LCD with 5 level brigtness adjustment. How about with memory? the internal memory features of this camera include 17 MB. More detail about specifications, you can read in the Nikon coolpix L24 manual on page 123.

Nikon coolpix L24 Manual Cover
Nikon coolpix L24 Manual Cover
In the Nikon coolpix L24 user manual you can find detail information such as about learn camera basic operations like camera layout, shooting mode button, playback, multi selector, menu button, and camera strap. Then about tutorial inserting batteris and memory cards, turning on and off camera, learn photography and playback like fram a picture, using the zoom, focus and shoot, using the flash, taking pictures with the self timer, using the scene mode, using smart portrait mode, tutorial editing pictures, recording movies, connecting to a TV, and connectng to a printer.

Camera Layout

Nikon coolpix L24 Layout (1)
Nikon coolpix L24 Layout (1)
  1. Shutter-release button
  2. Zoom control: Wide,tele, thumbnail playback, playback zoom, help
  3. Power switch / power-on lamp
  4. Self timer lamp / AF-assist illuminator
  5. Flash
  6. Lens
  7. Speaker
  8. Power connector cover (for connecting optional AC adapter)
  9. Eyelet for camaera strap
  10. Lens Covertton
  11. Bulit-in microphone

Nikon coolpix L24 Layout (2)
Nikon coolpix L24 Layout (2)
  1. Monitor
  2. Menu Button
  3. Apply selection button
  4. Shooting mode button
  5. Flash lamp
  6. Playback button
  7. Multi sector
  8. delete button
  9. Battery chamber / memory card slot cover
  10. Tripod socket
  11. Pin Cover
  12. USB connector and audio / video output
  13. Memory card slot
  14. Battery chamber

Other important information in the Nikon coolpix L24 manual / user guide such as shooting guide, camera setup and settings, accesories info, reset, firmware, caring for the camera, error messages, torubleshooting problem and more. For table of content of this manual as follows:

Table of content for the Nikon coolpix L24 owner manuals:
  • For your safety
  • Notices
  • Introduction
  • First steps
  • Basic photography and playback: Easy Auto Mode
  • Auto Mode
  • Shooting suited for the scene
  • Taking pictures of smiling faces (smart portrait mode)
  • More on playback
  • Movies
  • Connecting to televisions, commputers and printers
  • Shooting, playback and setup menus
  • Tehnical notes

Nikon coolpix L24 Troubleshooting Summary:
  • Monitor is blank
  • Monitor is hard to readd
  • Camera turns off without warning
  • Date and time of recording are not correct
  • No indicators displayed in monitor
  • Data imprint not availanle
  • Date not appearing on picctures even when data imprint is enebled
  • Camera settigs reset
  • No picture taken when shuffter release button is pressed
  • Camera cannot focus
  • Pictures are blured
  • Bright specks appear in pictures taken with flash
  • Flaash does not fire
  • Optical zoom cannot be used
  • Digital zoom cannot be used
  • Image mode not available
  • No sound when shutter is released
  • AF-assist illuminator does not light
  • Pictures appear smeared
  • Hues are unnatural
  • Randimly spaced bright pixels (noise) appear in image
  • Pictures are too dark (underexposed)
  • Pictures are too bright (overexposed)
  • Unexpected results when flash set to (auto with red eye reduction)
  • File cannot be played back
  • Cannot zoom in on picture
  • cannot use D-Lighting, small picture, or crop options
  • Pictures not displayed on television
  • Nikon transfer 2 does not start when camera is connected
  • Pictures to be printed are not displayed
  • Cannot select paper size with camera

Manual Download Link
Get and download free pdf manual from nikon here:
Nikon coolpix L24 user manual

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