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Sony Xperia neo L Manual - The Sony Xperia neo L manual or user guide now available for download in PDF format. The Sony Xperia neo L user manual aka Sony MT25i guide book explains how to using this smartphone correctly and safely according with procedures. For example you can get information or learn about turning the phone on / off, setup guide, screen lock, phone layout, using the keys, using the touchscreen, using headset, internet and messaging settings, data roaming also network settings. Then, about making phone calls, using contacts, using email, google talk, timescape, using and installing Google play, using NeoReader, play music, using Wi-fi, VPN settings and using web bowser for access the internet.

Sony Xperia neo L / Sony MT25i
Sony Xperia neo L / Sony MT25i
The Sony Xperia neo L manual has 122 pages with file size of 5.3 MB. The user manual available in english language. Other important information in the Sony Xperia neo L owner manual such as about using camera for taking photoss, using the video camera, using bluetooth pairing with another bluetooth device, media go, using google maps, backing up and restoring, protecting phone, updating phone, troubleshooting, legal information, and more. For table of content as follows:

Table of content for the Sony Xperia neo L manual: 

  • Important Information
  • Android - What and Why
  • Getting started
  • Getting to know your phone
  • Calling
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Email
  • Getting started with Google Play
  • Getting organised
  • Scanning with the NeoReader application
  • Synchronising data on your phone
  • Connecting to wireless networks
  • Web browser
  • Music
  • Taking photos and recording videos
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Connecting your phone to a computer
  • Using location services to find your position
  • Backing up and restoring
  • Locking and protecting your phone
  • Updating your phone
  • Troubleshooting
  • Legal information
  • Index

Sony Xperia neo L manual Troubleshooting Summary:

  • My phone is not working as expected
  • Resetting the phone
  • I cannot charge the phone
  • No battery charging icon appears when phone starts charging
  • The battery performance is low
  • I cannot transfer content between my phone and the computer, when using a USB cable
  • I cannot use internet based services
  • Error messages

Get and download free pdf for the Sony Xperia neo L manual here

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