SAMSUNG GALAXY RUSH MANUAL- Download SPH-M830 User Guide (3)

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The Samsung Galaxy Rush Manual is available now. The device also called samsung SPH-M830. It's support with CDMA network with frequency of 800/1900 MHz. This phone available for USA regions. If you had bought this phone, for this time already available manual of Samsung Galaxy Rush in PDF format and you can download directly at The Samsung SPH-M830 user guide very important for owner this cell phone because there are many tutorials especially how to operate it properly.

For example, you can read about phones menu and setting up phone on page 1-2. On this section you can learn about activating device, making calls guide, and setting up voicemail. Then about learn device basics operations on page 8 like phone layout, navigation and customization, turn phone on / off, using samsung keyborad, using contacts and tutorial creating a Google Account.

Samsung Galaxy Rush Manual Cover
Samsung Galaxy Rush Manual Cover
Next information about wireless and network settings, sytem settings, using calendar, calculator, bluetooh, microSD card also update phone on page 84. Further about taking pictures with camera, record video, tutorial how to share photo and videos, using wi-fi, email, google+, playbooks and movies, play music, using play store, google navigation, browser and more. Other important information in the Samsung Galaxy Rush manual such as about safety guide like maintaining precautions, update firmware,  update samsung software, system update settings, update android operating system and warranty for this phone. For table of content of samsung galaxy rush owner manual as follows:
Install the Battery - Read on page 2
Install the Battery - Read on page 2
Table of content for the samsung Galaxy Rush Manual / User Guide:
  • Setting up service
  • Device basics
  • Making and answering  calls
  • Settings
  • call log
  • Contacts
  • Calendar and tools
  • Voice services
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Service the basics
  • Web and data services
  • Important safety information
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Index
Samsung Galaxy Rush Layout and Key Functions:

Samsung Galaxy Rush Layout
Samsung Galaxy Rush Layout
  1. Earpiece lets you hear the caller and automated prompts.
  2. LED Indicator lights when charging, you have missed events, or incoming notifications. The light turns on by default unless you turn it off.
  3. Status Bar Icons provide information about your device’s status and options, such as signal strength, wireless technology, ringer setting, messaging, and battery charge.
  4. Display Screen  displays all the information needed to operate your device, such as the call status, the 
  5. Contacts list, and the date and time. Also provides one-touch access to all of your features and applications.
  6. Menu Key allows you to access your device’s main functions menu: Edit, Create folder, Search, and Settings. While in a menu, press to open a list of actions available from the current screen or onscreen option.
  7. Microphone allows other callers to hear you clearly when you are speaking to them.
  8. Home Key returns you to the Home Screen. Press and hold to open the recently-used applications window.
  9. Back Key When in a menu, pressing the Back key returns you to the previous menu, closes a dialog box, or exits an onscreen menu/option.
  10. Front Facing Camera allows you to take pictures and videos of yourself  when you set the camera shooting mode to Front portrait.
  11. Proximity/Light Sensor uses the ambient light level to adjust keypad access. If the light path is blocked, for example, when holding the phone close to your ear, the touch screen will turn off.
phone layout
Phone Layout
  1. Camera Lens  as part of the built-in 3.0 megapixel camera, this lens lets you take pictures and videos
  2. External Speaker lets you hear the different ringers and sounds. You can mute the ringer when receiving incoming calls by pressing the volume button. The speaker also lets you hear the caller’s voice in speakerphone mode.
  3. Camera flash  helps illuminate subjects in low-light environments when the camera is focusing and capturing a photo or video.
  4. Volume Button allows you to adjust the ringer volume in standby mode, the voice volume during  a call, and media playback volume.
  5. microSD Card* Slot lets you use a microSD card to expand the memory of your phone. 
  6. Power Button  lets you turn the device on or off, or turn off the touchscreen display. When the screen is turned off, press once to  return to Screen lock mode. While the device is unlocked and not on an active call, press and hold to display the Phone options menu (Silent mode, Airplane mode, Power off). 
  7. Headset Jack allows you to plug in an optional headset for convenient, hands-free conversations. CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the device.
  8. Camera Button lets you activate the camera and camcorder and take pictures and videos. 
  9. Charger/Accessory Jack  allows you to connect the phone charger or a USB cable (included). CAUTION! Inserting an accessory  into the incorrect jack may damage the device.
  10. Microphone allows other callers to hear you clearly  when you are speaking to them.

Samsung Galaxy Rush Camera Layout
Samsung Galaxy Rush Camera Layout
Camera Layout:
  1. Front/back lens
  2. Flash
  3. Shooting mode
  4. Settings
  5. Camera / camcoder mode
  6. Shutter release
  7. Gallery 
  8. Volume key (not shown): Zoom in and out of the image
Important Questions and Answer (FAQ) For Samsung Galaxy Rush aka Samsung SPH-M830:
  • How much it costs? arround $149.99
  • When this phone will be released? 2012, september
  • How long the warranty? 1 Year 
  • What is the physical dimensions and screen size? 12.3 x 6.0 x 1.2 cm and it has 3.5 inches with LCD (TFT) technology and 240 x 320 pixels resolution
  • What processor and operating system used in this phone? Qualcomm MSM8655 1 GHz and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • How much memory? 768 MB / 2 GB
  • How long the battery power?  for talk time Up to 540 minutes and stand by time Up to 348 hours
  • What the network for this phone? CDMA with frequency of 1900 MHz
  • What other features or applications offered? Google+, Play Store, YouTube, maps, notepad, Weather, calculator, calendar, world clock, alarm,play books, play movies 
  • How much mega pixel camera ? 3+ megapixels with 4x digital zoom

Read or  download free PDF for the Samsung Galaxy Rush manual / SPH-M830 User Guide here:

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