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HTC Desire X Manual | The HTC Desire X manual or user guide explains about instructions how to operating the phone correctly and safely. The user manual has been published by htc official webiste and available in english language. It has 181 pages with file size of 3.34 MB. It is devided into 24 section with index. To read this manual you must using pdf sofware like Adobe Reader or Foxit reader or other free pdf applications for your smartphone, tablet, and PC. In the HTC Desire X pdf manual you can find information and learn about phone layout with menu and key functions, tutorial installing the SIM card and battery, inserting storage card, and Setting up HTC Desire X for the first time. Then about learn  pohne basic operations like using home screen, using contacts, Capturing the HTC Desire X screen, Updating the HTC Desire X software, Installing a software update, using camera for taking photo, Recording video, Using HDR, and Changing camera and video settings.

HTC Desire X
HTC Desire X 

Further in the HTC Desire X manual / user guide also provides detail information such as about Personalizing HTC Desire X with scenes, Changing your wallpaper, phone calls guide, Internet calls, using messages,using browser, play music, using gallery, Backing up your contacts to the storage card, using people, using Facebook for HTC Sense, Chatting in Google Talk, Using Google+, using email, Using Dropbox on HTC Desire X and using skydrive, using HTC car, using Google maps, Listening to FM Radio, Google play, etc.

Other important information in the HTC Desire X owner manual guide for example Connecting HTC Desire X to a computer, Installing HTC Sync Manager, Playing music in HTC Sync Manager, Sharing your mobile data connection by USB tethering, using wi-fi and bluetoth, VPN settings, Backing up settings to Google, protecting phone guide, phone settings guide, Restarting and resetting HTC Desire X, safety and more. While for table of content as follows:

Table of Content of HTC Desire X Manual / User Guide:
  • Unboxing
  • Your first week with your new phone
  • Camera
  • Personalizing
  • Phone calls
  • Messages
  • Search and Web browser
  • Photos, videos, and music
  • Accounts and sync
  • People
  • Social
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Online storage and services
  • HTC Car
  • Travel and maps
  • Essential apps
  • Google Play and other apps
  • Your phone and computer
  • Internet connections
  • Bluetooth
  • Settings and security
  • Other essentials
  • Trademarks and copyrights
  • Index

Get and download free pdf here:
HTC Desire X Manual User Guide 
HTC Desire X Quick Start Guide (provide brief information and simple)

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