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LG Splendor Manual | The LG Splendor manual or user guide now available for download in PDF format. The Free pdf  LG US730 User Guide support in english language with file size of 95 MB and consisting of 202 pages. It's devided into 18 section and equipped with many pictures to make it easy those who read it. If you are owner of this smartphone, you should read this manual because it contains many helpful hints for you especially how to operating this phone correctly and safely. By learning this user manual, you can also find tips for using the applications in this phone.

LG Splendor Manual Cover
LG Splendor Manual Cover

In the LG Splendor manual you can find some reference information or instructions such as about tips Optimizing battery life, installing an open source application and operating system (OS), Using the hard reset or factory reset, screen freezes, phone layout, Installing the SD card and battery, charging the phone, using the memory card, locking and unlocking guide. Then about Touch screen tips, Using the QuickMemo, Connecting to Wi-Fi networks, using bluetooth, Using the Wi-Fi Direct, Using SmartShare, making a call, using contacts and backup, Using Smilies, Recording a quick video, using polaris office, play store, accessories and using camera. Other important information of this manual like phone settings guide like call settings, troubleshooting problem, safety, warranty, and more. For table of content as follows:

Table of content for the  LG Splendor owner manual / user guide:
  • Getting to know your phone
  • Your Home screen
  • Google account setup
  • Connecting to Networks and Devices
  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Email
  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Multimedia
  • Utilities
  • The web
  • Settings
  • Accessories
  • Troubleshooting
  • Safety
  • Limited Warranty Statement
You can download free PDF for the LG Splendor manual / LG US730 User Guide here (via MCC)

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