KYOCERA RISE MANUAL - Free PDF Kyocera C5155 User Guide

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Kyocera Rise Manual or user guide now available for download in free PDF format. The Kyocera Rise manual  support in english language, has 197 with file size of 3.0 MB. Many information and tutorial in the Kyocera C5155 User manaul guide such as about phone at a galance, setup phone and voicemail, Sprint ID, and sprint account information. Then about learn phone basic operating like phone layout, turn on /off, using navigation and home screen, make phone calls,  wireless and network settings, using contact and messages, using emial, google talk, and social networking.

Kyocera Rise Manual Cover
Kyocera Rise Manual Cover

In the Kyocera Rise user manual, you can also find reference information / instruction for example about using Google play store and app, music player, sprint TV and movies, sprint zone, using wi-fi, using browser, portable wi-fi hotspot, using camera for taking photo, record videos guide, using tools, and many more. For table of content of  Kyocera Rise owner manual as follows:

Table of content for the Kyocera Rise manual / user guide:
  • Get started
  • Phone basics
  • Phone calls
  • Settings
  • People
  • Accounts and messaging
  • Apps and Entertaiment
  • Web and data
  • Camera and video
  • Tools and calendar
  • Sprint Worldwibe Wireless Servide
  • Notes
  • Copyrights
  • Index
Get and Download the  Kyocera Rise C5155 manual /  User Guide here

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