SAMSUNG ENTRO MANUAL - Download SPH-M270 User Guide

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Samsung Entro Manual | The samsung entro manual or user guide now available for download in PDF format. The Samsung SPH-M270 User Guide is ebook manual as reference for owner of this phone. It's devided into 12 section and consisting of 109 pages. The samsung Entro user manual support in english language and has file size of 1.1 MB. After manual centre blog read this pdf guide, in the Samsung entro owner manual you can find and learn about installing the battery, turn the phone on, learn phone layout and features with function keys, using menu, phone call, using contcts, messaging settings, using web and multimedia, using tools like memo pad, calculator, calendar and alarm.

Samsung Entro Manual
Samsung Entro Manual Cover

Then in the samsung entro manual you can also find information about phone settings guide like display and ringers settings, lock phone, warranty info, safety and more. For table of content of this manual as follows: Getting started, Understanding Your Phone, my account, calling, contacts, entering text, messaging, web, multimedia, downloads, tools, settings, Health and Safety Information, Warranty Information.

Get and download the Samsung Entro (SPH-M270) manual / user guide here

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