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Pantech Marauder Manual | The pantech marauder manual or user guide has been published by pantech phone. The pantech marauder / Star Q 4G LTE User Guide comes in PDF format with file size of 4.4 MB, 180 pages and available in english version. The Pantech Marauder user manual provide many reference information and instruction also tutorial to operate this phone correctly and safely according procedures. In the Pantech Marauder owner manual you can find information such as about basic instructions, phone part overview, installing the SIM card, managing memorySD card and battery, how to activating marauder, backing up data, managing screen lock, using home screen, using wi-fi network and bluetooth, connecting to a 3G/4G, using play store, using contacts, google search, Google+ and Gmail, using camera and camcoder, music player and video player.
Pantech Marauder manual
Pantech Marauder manual cover
Then in the Pantech Marauder manual also provides detail information about youtube, menu function like doc viewer, alarm, calculator, calendar, phone settings guide like sounds, display, wireless and networks, ringtones settings, troubleshooting checklist, and many more. For table of content as follows: Product overview, getting stsrted, basic operation, call and messages  communication, media center, menu function, settings, appendix.

Get and download the Pantech Marauder / Star Q 4G LTE manual User Guide here

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