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Nokia Asha 305 Manual | The Nokia Asha 305 manual or user guide now available for download in PDF format. The user guide has 41 pages with file size of 1.7 MB and support in english language. The Nokia Asha 305 user manual  very useful for owner of this phone because provide many instruction or tutorial especially about how to learn phone basic operations, set up network, using applications, phone settings guide and more. After manual centre blog read the Nokia Asha 305 owner manual, some information can be found in this pdf manual for example about learn keys and parts, how to insert a primary card and battery, insert a second SIM card, access code, Lock the keys and screen, using contaccts, phone calls, messaging settings, use bluetooth, using camera like take a photo, record video, listen a Song and FM radui, Update phone software using your phone, Update phone software using your PC, Restore original settings, Back up your photos and other content to a memory card, using web, maps, safety, and more.

Nokia Asha 305

Especially about restore original  settings you can raed on page 33. The following instructions:
If your phone is not working properly, you can reset some settings to their original values.
  1. End all calls and connections.
  2. Select  settings  and restore factory sett. > settings only .
  3. Type in the security code.
This does not affect documents or files stored on your phone.
After restoring the original settings, your phone switches off and then on again. This may take longer than usual.

For table of content for the Nokia Asha 305 manual / user guide as follows:

  •     Safety
  •     Get started
  •     Basic use
  •     Calls
  •     Contacts
  •     Messaging
  •     Write text
  •     Connectivity
  •     Clock and calendar
  •     Photos and videos
  •     Music and audio
  •     Phone management
  •     Web
  •     Maps
  •     Product and safety information
Get and downoad the Nokia Asha 305 Manual user guide here

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