HTC DESIRE VC MANUAL - Download Desire VC User Guide

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HTC Desire VC Manual | The HTC Desire VC manual or user guide now available for download in PDF format. The HTC Desire VC user guide consisting of 175 pages with file size of 3.03 MB. The HTC Desire VC user manual is instruction ebook that contain many reference information especially about how to using this smartphone correctly and safely according procedures. For example discuss about learn phone basic operation, setup phone and settings guide or about using applications. In the HTC Desire VC owner manual you can find and learn about how to using camera, personalizing phone, phone calls, messaging settings, using browser for access the internet, using videos and listen music also photos.

HTC Desire VC

Further in the HTC Desire VC manual you can also find important information about social networking, email, travel, maps, Using Google play, setting connnections, using bluetooth, phone settings guide, and many more. More detail about the HTC Desire VC pdf user guide, the following table of content for manual this phone:

Table of content for the HTC Desire VC Manual / User Guide:
  •     Unboxing
  •     Your first week with your new phone
  •     Camera
  •     Personalizing
  •     Phone calls
  •     Messages
  •     Search and Web browser
  •     Photos, videos, and music
  •     Accounts and sync
  •     People
  •     Social
  •     Email
  •     Calendar
  •     Online storage and services
  •     HTC Car
  •     Travel and maps
  •     Essential apps
  •     Google Play and other apps
  •     Your phone and computer
  •     Internet connections
  •     Bluetooth
  •     Settings and security
  •     Other essentials
  •     Trademarks and copyrights
  •     Index

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Get and download the HTC Desire VC manual / user guide here (English Version)

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