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Samsung Intensity III Manual | The Samsung Intensity III manual or user guide available for download by official website. The Samsung Intensity III user guide comes in PDF format wit file size is 7.8 MB consisting 164 pages and support in english languge. The Samsung Intensity III SCH-U460 manual is guide ebook that contain many important information and tutorial especially how to using this phone correctly and safely according procedures. In the Samsung Intensity III user  manual you can find information for example about notes and tips, using the battery, turning phone on /off, setting up voicemail, how to installing and formating memory card on page 11, learn phone layout with menu and key functions, command keys and display screen. Then about making a call, using contacts, using menu navigation, backup assistant, messaging settings, using QWERTY action, mobile IM, and chat.

Samsung Intensity III
Samsung Intensity III Manuall Cover

Then in the  Samsung Intensity III owner manual also provide detail information such as about phone settings guide like tools, bluetooh, display and sound settings, call settings, phone info, set-up wizard, music player, using games, browser for access the internet, using calendar and notepad. Other information like using mobile web, navigate the web, mobile web soft keys, safety, warranty and many more. While for table of content of the Samsung Intensity III SCH-U460 manual as follows:

Table of Content for the  Samsung Intensity III SCH-U460 manual / user guide:
  • Getting started
  • Understanding your phone
  • Call functions
  • Menu navigation
  • Entering text
  • Understanding your contacts
  • Messaging
  • Changing your settings
  • Media center
  • Music
  • Tools
  • Mobile Web
  • Health and Safety information
  • Warranty Information
  • Index
You can get and download the Samsung Intensity III manual user guide via our manual centre catalog here.

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