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Samsung Galaxy Appeal Manual | The Samsung Galaxy Appeal manual or user guide now available download in PDF Format. The Samsung Galaxy Appeal SCH I827 manual has 208 pages with file size is 4.9 MB and support in english language. The Samsung Galaxy Appeal user manual devided into 13 section including index. In the Samsung Galaxy Appeal owner manual you can find reference information, instruction also tutorial how to using this smartphone correctly aand safely such as setting up phone, charging the battery, configuring phone, lock and unlocking the touch screen,  using Google account, setting up voicemail, android recovery and troubleshooting problem. Then about learn phone layout and features, menu navigation, memory card, home screen overview, making a call, using the Qwerty and android kyeboard, AT7T address book activaction.
Samsung Galaxy Appeal
Samsung Galaxy Appeal

Further in the Samsung Galaxy Appeal manual also provide detail information such as about using multimedia like music player, movies, Live TV, videos, gallery, using camera and camcoder also settings. Next information about messaging settings, using email, using Google talk and Google +. Other important information about phone settings guide like call and sound settings, power saving mode, security guide, privacy, using browser, Wi-fi and bluetooth, kies air, facebook, maps, mobile car, latitude, quickoffice, shop music, task maager, ypmobile aand youtube, play books, safety and many more. The table of content as follows:

Table of content for the Samsung Galaxy Appeal SCH - I827 manual / user guide:

  • Section 1:  Getting Started
  • Section 2:  Understnding Your Phone
  • Section 3:  Call Functions
  • Section 4:  Entering Text
  • Section 5:  Contacts and Your Address Book
  • Section 6:  Multimedia
  • Section 7:  Messaging
  • Section 8:  Changing Your Settings
  • Section 9:  Connections
  • Section 10:  Applications
  • Section 11:  Health and Safety Information
  • Section 12:  Warranty Information 
  • Section 13:  Samsung Prod uct Registration
  • Index
Get and download the Samsung Galaxy Appeal manual / user guide here

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