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The Samsung F50 is camcoder that equipped with Schneider Kreuznach Lens and 52x Optical Zoom. It has 2.7” LCD Touch Panel display. Now if you are owner of this camcoder, here you can download the Samsung F50 manual or user guide directly at samsung official website. The Samsung F50 manual comes in PDF format with file size of 4.64 MB and consisting of 124 pages also support in english language. Some important information and instruction in the Samsung F50 user guide such as about how to operate camcoder, connecting guide, maintenance, tutorial playback and recording, system setting guide, troubleshooting problem  and more. More detail about table of content for the Samsung F50 owner manual as follows:
Samsung F50 Camcoder
Samsung F50 Camcoder
Table of content for the Samsung F50 manual / user guide:
  • Quick start guide
  • Getting to know the camcorder
  • Basic operation of the camcorder
  • About the storage media
  • Basic recording
  • Basic playback
  • Recording options
  • Playback options
  • System setting
  • Connecting to a TV
  • Dubbing Videos
  • using with a windows computer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance & additional information
  • Specifications
Get and download free pdf manual or user guide and troubleshooting for Samsung F50 camcoder here:
Samsung F50 manual

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