T-MOBILE PRISM MANUAL - Download T-Mobile Prism User Guide

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T-Mobile Prism manual or user guide now available for download directly at t-mobile.com official website. T-Mobile Prism manual comes in PDF format and support in english language. In this MC blog (manual centre) special about the T-Mobile Prism specs and price information you can read here. The T-Mobile Prism user guide consisting of 53 pages with file size is 8.5 MB. Some important information in the T-Mobile Prism user manual for example about how to phone settings guide like Setting the Display, Ringers, Setting Phone Services, Changing the Phone Ringtone, Installing Voice Data, Protecting mobile phone, Managing Applications,  Resetting Mobile Phone, Backing Up My Data, Restoring Factory Data, software updates, etc. Then also about tips and instruction on page 52 for example How Do I Set a Song As a Phone Ringtone?, How Do I Set an Unlock Pattern?, How Do I Hide the Keyboard?, How Do I Use Quick GPS?, How Do I Create an Application Shortcut on the Home Screen? and more. In addition you can also find information about mobile phone part overview with explained menu and key functions, learn phone basic operating, using the touchscreen, Using a microSD Card, using applications like email, camera, Recording a Video, using google mobile service like talk, maps, youtube, market, file manager, notepad, connecting guide like using bluetooth and wi-fi, using browser for access the internet, etc. More detail about the table of content for the T-Mobile Prism manual / user guide also download link information read below.

T-Mobile Prism
T-Mobile Prism manual cover

Table of Content for the T-Mobile Prism manual user guide:
  • Reading Before Proceeding
  • Safety Precautions
  • Personal Information and Data Security
  • Legal Notice
  • Getting to Know Your Mobile Phone
  • Installing Your Mobile Phone
  • Power On or Off Your Mobile Phone
  • Using the Touchscreen
  • Locking and Unlocking the Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Using a microSD Card
  • Calling
  • Making a Call
  • Answering or Rejecting a Call
  • Other Operations During a Call
  • Using Call log
  • Using Airplane Mode
  • TTY Operation
  • Setting Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • Contacts
  • Using the Onscreen Keyboard
  • Displaying the Keyboard Panel
  • Customizing Keyboard Settings
  • Messaging
  • Getting Connected
  • Turning on the Data Service
  • Wi-fi
  • Sharing Your
  • Phone’s Data Connection
  • Browser
  • Bluetooth
  • Entertainment
  • Taking Photos and Recording Videos
  • Using the Gallery
  • Enjoying Music
  • Listening to the FM Radio
  • Google Services
  • Creating a Google Account
  • Uing Gmail, Talk, Maps, Youtube, Market
  • Synchronizing Information
  • Using Othe r Applications
  • Using The Calendar, Clock, File Manager, calculator, Notepad
  • Managing Your Mobile Phone
  • Appendix
  • FAQs
Get and download the T-Mobile Prism manual / user guide here.

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